NJPW: Will Jon Moxley surprise KENTA at Wrestle Kingdom 15?

NJPW, Jon Moxley (Photo by Etsuo Hara/Getty Images)
NJPW, Jon Moxley (Photo by Etsuo Hara/Getty Images) /

Wrestle Kingdom 15 will take place over two nights: January 4 & 5, 2021. Jon Moxley is the current IWGP US Champion.

Jon Moxley will be at Wrestle Kingdom 15.

That’s my prediction.

Yes, I know that Tony Khan made the claim that Moxley would not be at Wrestle Kingdom 15. That was before. Before Moxley lost his AEW World Championship after 277 days.

Not only did he lose the title, he was cheated out of it. Omega beat Mox with a microphone (provided by Don Callis) until he bled. Omega followed that four V-Triggers and his signature One-Winged Angel. Just like that, the title changed hands.

A bloodied, defeated and shell-shocked Mox lay in the ring while Omega and Callis ran off with the newly acquired AEW World Championship in tow.

What’s next for Moxley? Where does he go from here?

He could ask for a rematch for the title that was stolen from him. His other nemesis, Eddie Kingston is tied up with Lance Archer for the moment.

There is one other matter. On the night of the contract signing for the title match, Moxley was attacked and unable to attend to the signing.

Who attacked Moxley? Omega seems too obvious, but given what went down on Dynamite, it’s possible he had someone do it. Kingston is also an obvious possibility.

Rumors swirled that it was none other than KENTA. Why KENTA? Moxley was holding two titles simultaneously. Along with the AEW World Championship, Mox is also NJPW’s IWGP United States Champion. He captured the title at Wrestle Kingdom 14 from Archer.

COVID-19 derailed a lot of wrestling plans for the year. Moxley has been unable to return to Japan to defend his title. KENTA spent some time in the US wrestling for NJPW USA where he won the inaugural New Japan US Cup. He is the current holder of the NJPW Right to Challenge briefcase.

KENTA has spent weeks asking for a match with Moxley. A couple of days prior to Full Gear, KENTA asked where Moxley was. Two days after Mox’s attack, KENTA sent a tweet inquiring about “The Purveyor of Violence’s” whereabouts.

At this point, Moxley is likely hellbent on finding out who attacked him. He probably thinks it’s related to Omega and Callis after they screwed him. What if he learns that it was KENTA?

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It would be the perfect reason to return to the Tokyo Dome. It will be one year to the day that he won the IWGP US Championship to get revenge on KENTA with a surprise attack. This would set up the match he’s been asking for on Night Two.

Moxley needs this win. He needs to prove that Omega has not gotten the best of him. By retaining the IWGP US Championship, he will remind everyone why he held the AEW World Championship for a majority of the year and why he is one of the best damn wrestlers on the planet.