WWE: Ranking the five best double champions in history

WWE, Seth Rollins (Photo by JP Yim/Getty Images)
WWE, Seth Rollins (Photo by JP Yim/Getty Images) /
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Who is the greatest double-champion in WWE history?

Like every other sport, pro-wrestling needs something to distinguish the best from the not so best, and I think I speak for everyone when I say that pro-wrestling has it better than any other sport on the planet.

We’ve got beautiful large buckles of gold and silver among other metals put on rich leather that the champions can carry on their shoulders or wear around their waists and look like the coolest people on Earth. Unless of course, you’re in WWE in which case, you get to hold a very big logo. It’s still cool though.

The other sports aren’t quite so lucky. I mean they’re stuck with cups and plates but we’re not taking shots here so let’s move on.

The point is, being a champion and holding a championship in wrestling belt is really cool. It’s also a sign that the company has faith in a wrestler and in theory, it signifies that the wrestler is at the top of their game. A championship title also means that the wrestler, at least in kayfabe, is the absolute best that the company has to offer.

Simply put, being a champion in professional wrestling is a huge responsibility. You have to set an example for the boys in the locker room, you have to draw numbers, and you have to deliver in promos and matches.

So imagine what a huge responsibility being a double champ would be.

To be completely honest, putting two belts on one wrestler is tricky. You know how you start watching wrestling and you know that the guy with the belt is the best around, so the guy with two belts would be the greatest ever. You assume John Cena and Triple H are two of the greatest because they have had countless championship reigns.

However, as you start getting into wrestling you realize that it’s not about how many titles you’ve won, it’s actually about how good your title reigns were. It’s not about how many belts you have on you, but about what you do with those titles.

Just like that, being a double champ is tricky because one of the titles inevitably becomes second fiddle to the main belt. It’s hard to hold two titles while not making either of them feel like an afterthought and for all of these reasons, there have been very few double champs that have actually been good, and today we’re going to list some of the best.

Now, this list does not include wrestlers who carried two belts as a unified title because even though WWE likes to call them double champs, they aren’t really. Also, Keith Lee winning the North American and NXT titles was a huge moment and the Ultimate Warrior winning the WWF and IC titles was an even bigger one, but they vacated one of them shortly thereafter so that doesn’t count either.

And this list would just be WWE because honestly, they’re too many double, triple, and quadruple champs walking around the rest of the world.

With all that said and an honorable mention to Bayley for carrying SmackDown with the Women’s and the Women’s Tag titles on her shoulders, let’s get on with the list.

These are the 5 best double champs in WWE