WWE NXT TakeOver WarGames 2020 Results, Grades and Analysis

WWE NXT Women's Championship Credit: WWE.com
WWE NXT Women's Championship Credit: WWE.com /
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Tomasso Ciampa vs. Timothy Thatcher

Result: Tomasso Ciampa beats Timothy Thatcher

Grade: A

This match started off with some nice chain wrestling exchanges. It was Thatcher’s wheelhouse but Ciampa took him down, targeting his leg. A lot of hard slaps and strikes later, Thatcher hit an uppercut to Ciampa, and then the match became downright gruesome. Thatcher mercilessly targeted Ciampa’s neck, he ground him down as life grinds you down.

He looked like a more sadistic version of the Tomasso Ciampa of old.

Then, Ciampa slammed Thatcher onto his back, a wild comeback ensues. Ciampa hit clothesline after clothesline and then a superplex for a 2 count. Both men are selling incredibly in this match, it feels like a real fight.

Thatcher put on a Guillotine that looked like it would end the match right then and there, but Ciampa clings on.

Thatcher ate two brutal knees from Ciampa, one of which busted his ear open. Ciampa then locked in a nasty headlock but got german suplexed twice.

Thatcher then smiles like the scariest psychopath in the world, walked up to Ciampa with evil intentions, but got tied up in the ropes and got his life chopped out of him. Ciampa hits the Willow’s Bell for the win.

Both men can’t take their eyes off of each other even after the bell.

This was an amazing match, possibly match of the night. I really think Thatcher should’ve won here, although they’ve hinted that the feud isn’t over. I’ll be down for another match between these two any day.