WWE Royal Rumble 2021: Predicting Men’s Final Four And Winner

Big E, WWE (photo courtesy of WWE)
Big E, WWE (photo courtesy of WWE) /

Can you believe it is almost time for the Royal Rumble again? It feels like it was just yesterday when Edge returned and finished in the final four last year.

It is about time for my favorite pay-per-view of the year: the Royal Rumble. The brainchild of the late, great Pat Patterson has been the home of some of the most historic moments in WWE history.

Last year we witnessed Edge make his shocking return after nine years after retiring in 2011. Possibly the most surprising moment but it was far from the only shocking moment.

The Royal Rumble match almost never disappoints, we are looking at you 2015 Royal Rumble. With or without fans in attendance, the 2021 rumble match should be as great as the matches before it.

There are a number of potential returns and debuts that could take place, but that is a list for a different time. We are here to focus on the final four men remaining at this year’s rumble.

We have had many historic final fours in rumble history. Ric Flair, Hulk Hogan, Randy Savage, and Sid Vicious were the final four in the historic first-ever rumble match for the WWE Championship. We saw Kurt Angle, Stone Cold, Mr. Perfect, and Triple H in 2002. And more recently, we saw Randy Orton, Edge, Drew McIntyre, and Roman Reigns last year.

The final four of a Royal Rumble match is usually four of the toughest men on the roster. This year, I am expecting just as much out of the rumble this year. This year I am predicting that we see three of the biggest and the baddest men in the WWE and possibly the breakout superstar of the year. So let’s break it down to the final four of this year’s match and what I expect to happen.

The 2021 Men’s Royal Rumble Final Four

With twenty-six men gone from the match, we find ourselves left with two men from Raw and two from SmackDown. On Raw’s side stand two monstrous rivals in Keith Lee and Braun Strowman. On SmackDown’s side is Big E and Jey Uso, two men on the edge of truly breaking out. I believe that this will be a moment that rivals will look to work together for brand supremacy. However, how long will those alliances last?

I expect that Strowman and Lee would be the first to implode. I see Keith Lee being able to eliminate Braun, sending the “Monster Among Men” into an outrage. Braun would pull Keith out of the ring and brutalize him on the outside of the ring. You could expect to see a poor announce table to be victimized by the two.

While Strowman is finally controlled by security, Jey Uso and Big E brawl it out in the ring. After an intense back and forth, I expect Big E to get the upper hand and throw out Uso. However, I expect Jey to be as salty as Strowman and attack Big E for “the family name.” This would leave Big E and Keith Lee the final two competitors. It would be a picture-perfect moment to see the two beasts of men to stand up and stare each other down.

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In the end, I believe that we will all be basking in the glory of Keith Lee. Big E will put on a valiant effort but will be cost the match by Jey Uso. This will lead us to Keith Lee and Drew McIntyre going at it once more at WrestleMania 37.