AEW Dynamite: Sting Leaves Us With More Questions Than Answers

AEW, Sting Mandatory Credit: Scott Barbour/ALLSPORT
AEW, Sting Mandatory Credit: Scott Barbour/ALLSPORT /

One of the most anticipated aspects of this episode of AEW Dynamite was the appearance of Sting. Fans were wondering how he would play into AEW’s plans going forward and hoped that his interview with Tony Schiavone would give us some hints for the future.

When Cody Rhodes made his entrance, we saw Darby Allin sitting alone in the rafters, watching everything intently. Earlier in the show, we saw a video package where Darby was looking at various Rorschach tests, which looked like various members of Team Taz. It ended with a picture of Sting’s face, and Darby simply smiled. It is clear that whatever is happening with Sting that Darby Allin, and indeed, Cody Rhodes, was going to be attached to it.

Sting made his debut in AEW saving Cody Rhodes, Dustin Rhodes, Arn Anderson, and Allin from Team Taz, immediately causing fans to wonder what he would be doing in the company. Some have speculated that the 61-year old will wrestle again, while others think he will take a more managerial role as a mentor to Darby Allin.

Regardless of what one thought he was going to do, tonight we were hoping for answers. We didn’t really get any. As Cody and Arn were about to speak, the lights went out and Sting made his entrance, playing to the crowd. In a heartwarming moment, he hugged Tony Schiavone, and it was clear that he was home on TNT. It was a long time coming, but seeing Tony and Sting together again was a truly happy moment of wrestling television in 2020.

Sting then said he didn’t primarily come to AEW for Cody, but for someone else, and pointed to the rafters, where Darby Allin was seen seated. Allin leaned forward, clearly paying attention to every word Sting had to say. Sting said he felt like he was home, as something felt very familiar about AEW. Sting said he was planning on being close to the AEW wrestling fans and in the promotion for a long time, but the way he chooses to play is his business. He then hugged Cody, and said “See you around, kid!”

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While we don’t know what Sting is there for, we do know that it will involve Darby Allin. Based on Sting pointing directly at him, and Darby’s fantastic video from earlier, the two will absolutely be linked. I do think this ends with Sting being a mentor character to Darby, which could prove to be very interesting. Much of the mystique of Sting that was lost due to his WWE booking was restored in one fantastic segment.

Where does Cody fit into this? We shall find out eventually. However, as Sting has said many times, and in his promo tonight, “The only thing for sure about Sting, is that nothing is for sure.”