WWE NXT: Karrion Kross sets his sights on Damian Priest

WWE NXT Title Credit: WWE.com
WWE NXT Title Credit: WWE.com /

Damian Priest had too many things to say to Scarlett, setting off Karrion Kross who attacked him later in the evening.

During NXT TakeOver: WarGames it was clear that Karrion Kross was coming back. His highly anticipated return came with the question of who he would face next. While the NXT Champion, Finn Balor is the top choice, it seems like Damien Priest is the guy that is taking that slot. Looking at the situation, this is the right move to make for several reasons.

First, let us start with Kross himself. When Kross entered NXT earlier this year, he immediately became one of the hottest names on the entire WWE roster. Accompanied by his wife, Scarlett, it was easy to see that it was a matter of time before the NXT title was on his waist. That moment came, but it also included a shoulder injury that kept him out since August. But he is back, and Priest is the first man that is going to face his wrath.


Priest is an individual that has shown he can work with anyone in the ring. His abilities make him a great stylistic match for Kross once the action starts. That is a match that people can get excited to see. But Priest is also someone that can deliver on the microphone. His promo skills in the last few weeks continue to help him get over as a character. When facing off with a name as big as Kross, the promo segments are going to be just as important as what happens in the ring. With four weeks until NXT New Year’s Evil, WWE should keep them just far enough apart to allow the promo skills of all three individuals to shine through to build the match.

Kross should be expected to over in this feud and destroy Priest, just like he did Tommaso Ciampa. But once that happens, this is the perfect opportunity to move Priest up to the main roster where fresh faces and characters are needed.

Then, there’s Finn Balor. Balor has been champion for 93 days, but only has one defense in that time. He and Kyle O’Reilly put on a clinic at NXT TakeOver 31. Still, fans of the Prince have not seen much of their champion. In that, he has not been able to show that he is still a legit threat, rather than just being a fan favorite with the belt around his waist.


Balor should not have to face Kross right out of the gate at next month’s event. Instead, have him take on Pete Dunne in a single’s match. Dunne, like O’Reilly, is another guy who fans want to see at the top of the card. He is already shown that he can compete with anyone after his 685 reign as NXT UK champion. Should he defeat Balor? Absolutely not. But he is the exact type of opponent for the Prince that can help him put on a great match in preparation for the bigger threat in Kross to follow.

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WWE Creative could have made the move to immediately put Kross back in the NXT title picture. Instead, they are taking a different route and having him focus on Damian Priest. When looking at the present state of all three men, this is the right direction to go foe everyone involved.