WWE: Ranking The Top Ten Moments of 2020

WWE WrestleMania, Drew McIntyre (photo courtesy of WWE)
WWE WrestleMania, Drew McIntyre (photo courtesy of WWE) /
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It has been a chaotic year and has taken WWE along with it. Starting with a stadium full of fans cheering for Edge to the Thunderdome, what a year!

It has been one of the most historic years to date in WWE. Where many were worried about surviving in the age of a pandemic, WWE has renovated and innovated their new approach to shows. Without a crowd there to fuel the fire in the ring, the superstars have been forced to adapt and overcome.

From working in front of no crowd to WWE employees to the WWE Thunderdome, it has been a wild year for the WWE. While many have chastised WWE for continuing on against the odds, WWE has been forced to pull out many surprises. This year we witnessed the first-ever WrestleMania without fans in attendance. However, WWE has adapted well to their given circumstances and kept putting on innovative entertainment

The introduction of the Thunderdome and cinematic matches have been highlights of the year. This year had many shocking and surprising moments that are hard to rank into a list. However, that is the task at hand once again. Let’s recap the year as we count down the top ten moments of the year.

10. Finn Balor wins NXT Championship

After returning home to NXT at the end of 2019, Finn Balor has regained his throne. After nearly a year of recapturing his kingdom, the crown “prince” of NXT won the NXT Championship at Super Tuesday II. Only days after winning the NXT Championship, the former champion, Karrion Kross was forced to vacate the NXT Championship.

In retort, a new champion had to be crowned in a historic Iron Man Fatal Four Way match including four former NXT Champions. After Finn and Adam Cole ended the match with a tie, a singles match was set between the two to crown the new champion.

In the end, Finn was able to pick up the victory over Cole to become a two-time NXT Champion. Since then, Finn has defended the championship in brutal matches like against Kyle O’Reilly, where Finn fractured his jaw in two places.

2020 has been the second breakout year for Finn Balor. He has been doing his best work in years and is more than deserving of holding the NXT Championship again. It was a huge moment for Finn and the NXT fans to see him lift that title high again. We will have to see how long it will be until we see a new champion but I don’t see Finn letting his crown go anytime soon.