WWE TLC 2020: What is the most likely upset?

Drew McIntyre, WWE (photo courtesy of WWE)
Drew McIntyre, WWE (photo courtesy of WWE) /

WWE TLC 2020 will take place next week,  but will there be any upsets?

After the boring build to Survivor Series, which has essentially become a useless Pay Per View without any sort of stakes, wrestling fans may feel even more disappointed with how little effort has been put into the build to WWE TLC 2020. As of right now, Roman Reigns vs. Kevin Owens and The Hurt Business vs. The New Day are the only matches of the six announced worth getting excited about.

But the good news for wrestling fans is that WWE Pay Per Views usually overdeliver on their builds, because the talent just go out there and wrestle and give us a great night. We have seen that time and time again in 2020.

Another potential source of excitement is an upset. A swerve for a swerve’s sake is never a good idea (looking at you, Vince…Russo), but a well-placed upset in wrestling, like in any other sport, can be a fun surprise.

Will we see any at TLC? Looking at the odds of who is favored, I’m not so sure. Sasha Banks and Roman Reigns are basically locks to retain. They should be holding those titles for a long, long time. And then Randy Orton really should not beat the Fiend, given what the Fiend’s place on Raw needs to become in the next year.

That leaves AJ Styles vs. Drew McIntyre as the only possible upset. It is almost impossible to envision McIntyre losing in the first title defense of his second reign after winning the title back and then losing at Survivor Series to Reigns. I mean, could you imagine the scenes? Plus, we have to build to Keith Lee vs. McIntyre, right? That’s a match so many people are looking forward to.

Then again, that’s why we call it an “upset”. The vast majority of wrestling fans would be stunned if Styles, with the likely help of Omos, defeated McIntyre for the WWE Championship at TLC.

There are aspects of the match that could make an upset for Styles possible. Omos’ involvement is one obvious boost for the Phenomenal One. But how about interference from The Miz leading to a fortunate win for Styles?

And speaking of The Miz, if we count a “cash-in” as an upset result for McIntyre, in the sense that he loses his title in his first defense, I believe there is a strong possibility we see a title change via Money in the Bank briefcase next Sunday. Raw still needs a lot more energy, and Miz as WWE Champion can provide exactly that.

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Sasha and Roman HAVE to win. The Fiend is pretty close to that territory, too. And while I have the utmost respect for McIntyre, there is a way to pull off an upset title change – I’d prefer The Miz over Styles, to be honest – without hurting the current champion. So I think if there’s a major title change at TLC, it could be the WWE Title.