WWE: Which of the creative team’s underutilized wrestlers needs the biggest boost?

Angel Garza, WWE RAW (Photo courtesy of WWE)
Angel Garza, WWE RAW (Photo courtesy of WWE) /

WWE’s creative team reportedly named the wrestlers they feel could do well with better opportunities.

There was a glimmer of hope when Paul Heyman headed up the WWE Raw creative team, but, by and large, the company has failed miserably at boosting up-and-coming talent. Thankfully, there are some exceptions to the rule, but those are mostly slam-dunk, no-doubt wrestlers like Bianca Belair, but, in her case, you could even argue that WWE should have been doing more with her earlier in the year.

Nevertheless, WWE has a problem with boosting talents, and there are far too many wrestlers who are underutilized or used incorrectly.

So much so, that WWE, apparently, seems to understand this issue. According to a report from WrestleVotes, “a group of writers” was asked to present a list of wrestlers who could do well if given a “proper opportunity” to succeed.

WrestleVotes said that every single one of those lists had these five names in common: Angel Garza, Carmella, Chad Gable, Peyton Royce, and Cesaro.

I have no idea how often WWE have asked for this list, but I do hold a concrete belief that they don’t actually care or use these lists, judging by the state of their product. But if this is actually “a thing” that is a recurring “thing”, then, surely, Cesaro has been on one of these lists for the last five years.

Gable and Royce also make sense. They have been tag team wrestlers throughout their careers. And although Royce hasn’t been on the main roster for as long, both wrestlers have something in common. Just when it seemed like they were going to get pushed as singles wrestlers, Vince McMahon threw them in another tag team. At least Otis and Gable have some comedic potential. Lacey Evans and Royce? Instead of the IIconics? What are we even doing here?

Carmella is the only name of the five who does not belong here. She is in a SmackDown Women’s Title program with Sasha Banks in a new character and is is a former SmackDown Women’s Champion herself. She is not underused. She WAS underused, but it’s hard to apply that adjective to someone in a major title program with a burgeoning mainstream star.

So that leaves us with Angel Garza, who is the wrestler with the most upside of these five. He is a young, up-and-coming star who was THE talk of the town on Monday nights earlier this year when Heyman is in charge. This man has everything. He’s great in the ring, he’s creative (pants off, anyone?), and he oozes charisma. Garza is a future world champion if WWE actually gave a damn about the “future”.

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Of the five wrestlers listed, Garza is the one who needs a boost the most. Cesaro is Cesaro, we can complain about his booking all day. Royce and Gable are good, but their body of work hasn’t impressed me as much as Garza this year. Because Garza has shown in NXT and on Raw that he can be a real star for this company if given a chance.