WWE NXT: Results, Grades, & Analysis for December 16th, 2020

WWE NXT Title Credit: WWE.com
WWE NXT Title Credit: WWE.com /

The December 16th edition of WWE NXT helped crown new contenders to the title and push along angles as WWE NXT New Year’s Evil approaches on January 6.

Leon Ruff and Kushida Vs. The Way

Grade: B

Kushida began the match by weakening Austin Theory with takedowns, later utilizing small strikes. Theory would easily assume control once Ruff entered the contest until a corner move turned the tide. Johnny Gargano would amplify the punishment until his opponent took a fast-paced approach, although this would do little to turn the tide.

Towards the conclusion, Theory would hit the ATL for the pinfall victory.

The team of Kushida and Ruff worked exceptionally well, implementing a speedy dynamic while keeping their opponents isolated. Theory and Gargano made short work of their opponents in the second half, however, and continued their crusade over the NXT roster.

Tommaso Ciampa Vs. Tyler Rust

Grade: A

Rust and Ciampa began the match in a lockup until the former gained the upper hand by targeting the arm. The two would exchange holds as Ciampa remained focused on the incoming Timothy Thatcher. The Blackheart remained in control until a short distraction from Thatcher altered his flow.

Towards the conclusion, Ciampa would hit the Willow’s Bell for the win.

Tyler Rust was no slouch in this encounter, frequently keeping his opponent grounded with arm submissions and leaning on the psychological edge of his ally Timothy Thatcher. It would become all for naught as his dangerous adversary found another burst of energy and secured the win.

Kyle O’Reilly Vs. Pete Dunne

Grade: A

O’Reilly and Dunne began the match by wailing on each other with strikes, leading to a knee submission on Dunne’s part. The two opponents would repeatedly exchange holds until Kyle implemented an arm hold. O’Reilly continued to maintain the advantage on the outside with a sleeper hold until they found equal ground in another series of strikes.

In the climax of the contest, Kyle O’Reilly would hit a top rope knee strike to the back of the Bruiserweight’s head and secure an NXT Championship match at New Year’s Evil.

This highly physical and hard-hitting contest saw both adversaries on equal ground for the duration, using submissions and brutal hits to constantly keep each other on edge. Dunne’s brutal offense wouldn’t be enough to destroy Kyle O’Reilly’s momentum en route to the victory.

Shotzi Blackheart Vs. Indi Hartwell

Grade: C

Shotzi and Indi commenced the contest in a series of technical maneuvers, only for Blackheart to assume control by targeting the arm. A misstep allowed Hartwell to make her own offense with slams and knee strikes. When Candice interfered, Indi hit Shotzi with the trophy and forced a disqualification.

This short contest featured Shotzi Blackheart’s usual rapid offense as she frequently denied Indi Hartwell any chance of recovery or defensive maneuvers. The latter would make a reckless move out of desperation and leaned on her allies to try and keep the match in her favor.

Karrion Kross Vs. Desmond Troy

Grade: C

Karrion Kross easily gained control with strikes, moving onto suplexes. He would conclude the match with a Straight Jacket to continue his return to dominance.

Kross made short work of his opponent in this match, using small but substantial offense without any opposition. He aims to make an example of Damian Priest in just a few weeks at New Year’s Evil.

Rhea Ripley Vs. Toni Storm

Grade: A

Following a couple lockups, Toni assumed the advantage with a headlock. A failed suplex and an exchange allowed Rhea to resurface with strikes and a crescent kick. Storm would use a missile dropkick and dominated with submissions until Ripley used even more hard hits to keep her opponent down for the count.


In the climax of the contest, Raquel Gonzales would surface while the ref was distracted to harm Rhea’s shoulder. Toni would then hit the Storm Zero to gain the victory.

This was an exciting contest dominated by fast offense and an incredible show of resilience from Toni Storm. Rhea looked to gain a fierce win with her destructive moves, but was halted last-minute by an unexpected factor.

December 16th NXT Results

  • The Way defeated Leon Ruff and Kushida via pinfall
  • Tommaso Ciampa defeated Tyler Rost via pinfall
  • Kyle O’Reilly defeated Pete Dunne via pinfall
  • Shotzi Blackheart defeated Indi Hartwell via disqualification
  • Karrion Kross defeated Desmond Troy via submission
  • Toni Storm defeated Rhea Ripley via pinfall

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