Trish Stratus Broke Down The Door For The Women’s Evolution

Trish Stratus, WWE (Photo courtesy of WWE)
Trish Stratus, WWE (Photo courtesy of WWE) /

Years before the women of WWE were being truly recognized, Trish Stratus was helping open doors for today’s generation of women to break down.

When Trish Stratus walked through the door of the WWE, she was a young fitness model who was hungry for an opportunity. She had no prior wrestling experience and was started out as being a manager. She managed the team of Test and Albert at the beginning of her career. At that time, nobody could have expected what Trish Stratus was going to accomplish.

During her Hall of Fame career in WWE, Trish opened up the door for today’s women to knock the rest of them down. Alongside women like Lita, Victoria, Ivory, and many more, Trish laid the roots of the women’s evolution.

While WWE has focused on many firsts for the women of the company, Trish had her fair share of firsts. Possibly the most legendary moment for Trish and long time friend and rival Lita was when the two were the first two women to ever main event Monday Night Raw. The two went to war for the WWE Women’s Championship and proved that they deserved their spot.

They weren’t awarded that spot, they had earned it. Although she was sometimes given degrading material from WWE, Trish went out and did her absolute best in every match and segment that she was placed in. If she was being a heel or a babyface, Stratus always shined.

She has memorable moments at WrestleMania from winning the Women’s Championship to betraying Mr. McMahon and catfighting with Stephanie McMahon. When Trish decided to put an end to her full-time career, she went out on the top by defeating Lita for the Women’s Championship in her final match.

For years, Trish stood in a league of her own as a seven-time Women’s Champion. Since then Charlotte Flair has come in and shattered her record. Although, Trish still stands in second place, although Sasha Banks has now tied her. Despite retiring surprisingly early, Trish has made a few returns since her initial retirement. Every time she steps into the ring, it is still something special to see. As fans love to chant, Trish still “has it”.

Trish first impressed the fans in the 2018 Royal Rumble. She entered at number 30 and took the fight to old rival Mickie James and new rivals like The Bella Twins and Sasha Banks, who would later eliminate her from the match. Trish has returned to the ring for two matches since returning at the rumble.

The first of the two came at WWE Evolution teaming with Lita to face the team of Mickie James and Alicia Fox, who replaced Alexa Bliss due to a last-minute injury, and at SummerSlam 2019 facing Charlotte Flair. The latter being a dream match between two of the best women to ever do it. The match didn’t let down as Trish and Charlotte went on for over fifteen minutes and tore down the house.

In the end, Trish passed the torch on to Charlotte. Trish hasn’t returned since her loss, but you never say never in the WWE. Trish is only 45 years old and still in tremendous shape. She could come back at any time and get back in the ring.

In the history of pro-wrestling, Trish would be one of the first picks for a list of the best female wrestlers of all-time. Her talents and charisma pushed her into the record books and history. Her work with Lita, Victoria, Jazz, and Mickie James among countless others pushed the limits of how women’s wrestling was portrayed in WWE.

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Without Trish Stratus it is arguable that women’s wrestling wouldn’t be where it is today. Thank you for all you did for the business.