WWE TLC 2020: Five things that must happen

WWE, Sasha Banks (Photo by Leon Bennett/Getty Images)
WWE, Sasha Banks (Photo by Leon Bennett/Getty Images) /

TLC is the final PPV of 2020 and looking at the card there are a few ways these angles can go. Regardless, these are five things that must happen on Sunday.

WWE TLC is set for this Sunday as the year 2020 ends. This is yet another show that is focused on a series of match stipulations involving the famed tables, ladders, and chairs. At the end of the night, fans should expect to see some new champions and perhaps two that retain their belts in dominating fashion. Here are five things that must happen at TLC to push the product and some of the wrestlers featured forward.

Asuka and her secret partner lose

Asuka is one of the best wrestlers in the world. She has been able to take anything that is thrown her way and remain a fan favorite amongst viewers. Even when it seems like the WWE has no intention of doing anything with her, she finds a way to remain relevant and entertaining. She has been the Raw women’s champion since Becky Lynch announced her pregnancy after Money in the Bank, but she has not been featured in any storyline that elevates her position on the card. Even when she was battling Sasha Banks and Bayley – they were still the central story.

With all that in mind, Asuka and her partner need to lose the tag team match on Sunday. The reason being is that Asuka needs to be removed from the tag team picture, instead of focusing on the singles title that is around her waist. If she ends up “Asuka Two Belts” her story will be marred in the way that keeps from elevating a new challenger – which is really what she needs. Here is to hope her secret partner is someone intriguing that continues to be a focal point of the women’s division.

The Hurt Business must win clean

Cedric Alexander and Shelton Benjamin are due a title win. They have defeated the New Day in non-title matches, and Alexander has defeated both champions in singles bouts. Hopefully, WWE Creative has not made the decision to build an overconfidence angle that leads to Alexander being kicked out of the group. It is way too early for that and the Hurt Business is one of the few consistent bright spots on WWE television. In fact, they have been one of the best acts on the show in all the COVID-19 ravaged year.

Benjamin and Alexander need to win the titles and win them clean. The Hurt Business are a main event stable that is stuck in the mid-card for unknown reasons. The New Day is a well-establishing team that does not need the titles any longer. If the Hurt Business loses on Sunday, their momentum is crushed in a way that this duo would not be able to recover from. Put the belts on them, elevate this group to the main card, get Lashley a WWE Championship run – it is time.

Sasha Banks must retain over Carmella

Anytime Sasha Banks defends a title her fans watch with bated breath. She is one of the most interesting, entertaining, and eyeball-drawing wrestlers on the WWE roster, yet promotional leadership fails to keep the title on her for a dominant run. So, as she heads into this match with Carmella on Sunday there is some apprehension around whether she will leave the show with the title or not.

On Friday, the two women meet in a singles match that ended in a disqualification. Carmella was booked as the stronger person at that moment, getting the last laugh in the end. Now that Carmella has a bodyguard of sorts with her, one should expect some shenanigans in this match on Sunday. Sasha Banks is due an extensive run as champion, unfortunately, there is little faith that she will get the run that she deserves. Banks needs this win on Sunday, and she should walk out of TLC with that belt around her waist.

Roman Reigns and Drew McIntyre win in dominant fashion

Roman Reigns and Drew McIntyre have been fantastic as champions. They have been booked as legit threats to anyone willing to get in front of them. Reigns’ current character work is exceptional, making you wonder what could have been if this move was done in the past. McIntyre as an intense, smart babyface is a breath of fresh air when it comes to how WWE usually books their champions. Therefore, their match at Survivor Series was worth watching the rest of what was not an excellent card.

McIntyre versus Reigns is a WrestleMania worthy main event. There is no telling how the company is going to main event the 2021 edition of the show, but this is a strong option. Keeping both men strong as champions is a way to start the build, which means they must win on Sunday to keep that momentum growing.

Randy Orton vs Bray Wyatt: Things Just Getting Started

Randy Orton and Bray Wyatt are locked in a feud full of callbacks. No one has any idea what the Firefly Inferno match is, but it is perfect for these two men based on their history. The thing is this match cannot be the end of this feud. In fact, it should be the start of something even more sinister between the two.

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Wyatt and Orton need to be kept far away from Drew McIntyre and the WWE Championship. Their characters are not fresh enough to make fans interested in seeing them at the top of the card. McIntyre has already defeated Orton plenty of times, too many times, this year. If he is placed against Wyatt the outcome should be the same. To keep them out of the picture, something must happen here to extend the feud, perhaps through the Royal Rumble. They have the potential to be entertaining, but regardless of that, it is a bigger need to keep them away from the title until WWE Creative has a clear path to go all-in on the Bray Wyatt-Alexa Bliss pairing.