Impact Wrestling: Ranking the Top Five Moments of the Year

Luke Gallows, Karl Anderson (Photo by Etsuo Hara/Getty Images)
Luke Gallows, Karl Anderson (Photo by Etsuo Hara/Getty Images) /
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4. The Good Brothers Win Tag Team Gold

After being a major tag team in WWE for years, Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson were two of the more surprising names to be released in April. They had just been a crucial part of The Undertaker’s final match in WWE against AJ Styles. A few weeks later, they were wished the best in their future endeavors.

However, Gallows and Anderson are two people that didn’t need to be wished any luck. They are two great workers and have been one of the top tag teams in the business for nearly a decade. In July, Impact Wrestling announced that Doc Gallows and Karl Anderson has signed two-year contracts and would arrive at Slammiversary.

Just a few months into their Impact run, they defeated The North at Turning Point to win the Impact Tag Team Championships. They are only the second team to win tag team gold in NJPW, Impact, and WWE alongside The Dudleys. They have now been positioned realigned with Kenny Omega and maybe bringing Bullet Club to Impact Wrestling. Things are only getting started for two Good Brothers.

3. Eric Young Returns

On a night of surprising moments from start to finish, Eric Young shocked everyone when he was revealed as the teased former world champion that would be returning. He was eliminated early from the match but would show exactly what to expect from him moving forward. He didn’t take his elimination kindly and took out his rage on Rich Swann.

This moment cemented which side of Eric Young we were going to see this time. Since returning to the company, Eric Young has shown what the WWE missed out on in him. On the September 1st episode of Impact, Eric Young defeated Eddie Edwards to become the Impact World Champion for the second time.

He would later lose the title to Rich Swann at Bound For Glory in a great match between the two. Young has since aligned himself with the large Joe Doering. He seems to recently aligned with Cody Deaner after he turned on his cousin Jake. This could be the beginning of a stable for Young in Impact. With former SaniTy partner Madman Fulton lurking, he could add another large man.