Wrestling: The Five Independent Wrestlers To Watch Going Into 2021

Wrestling (Photo by Masashi Hara/Getty Images)
Wrestling (Photo by Masashi Hara/Getty Images) /
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Here are some of the best wrestlers on the independent wrestling scene going into 2021.

The independent scene in wrestling has always had my heart. They may not have always deserved it, but I remember that it was independent wrestling that restored my joy and love for wrestling as an adult. It will always be where my love for wrestling lies.

And this year, five wrestlers, in particular, helped captivate and justify that love in the ring. These five have personified what is so bloody loveable and amazing about the independent wrestling scene. The individuality of it and the freedom to be the wrestler you want to be those four corners.

Let’s start off, shall we?

5. Boomer Hatfield

For an anthropomorphic baseball, there are few that can step within the ring and draw a crowd in support quite like Boomer Hatfield. The former Chikara Young Lion and now indie strutting sensation has proven time and time again that his recent arrival to wrestling should not be mistaken for greenness.

In my notes, I described Boomer Hatfield as a “car engine”. That is because I cannot think of describing his movement in a ring any other way. He builds up momentum through a match, gradually gaining and gaining momentum. Beginning with technical wrestling in a masterful way, he then begins building up speed and agility through pitch-perfect transitional moves before achieving Lio Rush levels of quickness. You only need to look at his match with Jaiden Newman at New South-The Saga Continues.

Many wrestlers live in the shadow of their older mentor/”father” figure in wrestling. But while I do count myself a fan of Dasher Hatfield, I can tell that Boomer Hatfield will not have that problem. Whether teaming with his likewise up and coming star partner in cousin, Molly Mccoy, or sparring off as a singles wrestler across the indies, Boomer Hatfield will achieve success wherever this baseball lands.