Wrestling: The Five Independent Wrestlers To Watch Going Into 2021

Wrestling (Photo by Masashi Hara/Getty Images)
Wrestling (Photo by Masashi Hara/Getty Images) /
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2. Trish Adora

There are few people in the indie scene I would describe as having historic moments. Very few. Trish Adora is one of these few, with every match she has feeling as if it’s something fans will talk of in years to come as hallmark moments.

Winning the Pan-Afrikan Diaspora Championship of F1ght Club Pro Wrestling, the victory itself was something out of superhero stories. Fighting valiantly through an arm injury within the match against Darius Lockhart and Mr. Grim, Trish’s selling was something every face in wrestling should look to for tips on how to put the “hard fought” in hard-fought victory. Rewatching this match for research, I was nearly on the edge of my seat at each maneuver from Adora despite knowing the outcome.

Since then, Trish has only continued her superheroic journey. Each match she has is never an easy win or a pointless win of someone being dominated only to pull out a victory at the last moment. No, instead she highlights how to make your opponent look competent in-ring while never appearing weak yourself. Something all wrestlers should learn from.

When you see Trish Adora, the sky’s the limit. But even the sky would not be able to contain her amazing finisher, Lariat Tubman.