Wrestling: The Five Independent Wrestlers To Watch Going Into 2021

Wrestling (Photo by Masashi Hara/Getty Images)
Wrestling (Photo by Masashi Hara/Getty Images) /
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1. Lee Moriarty 

Lee Moriarty is simply someone I am amazed has not been snatched up by Impact, MLW, AEW, or anyone with enough reach to deserve him. I watch him on the indies, and the fact that he has not been signed brings the phrase “leaving money on the table” to mind.

While always a phenomenally skilled competitor, Lee’s trilogy of matches with Alex Shelley proved my above point. It’s difficult for many performers in this sport to have successive matches against one another and not seem similar in at least small ways. But Lee managed to bring something new to the field in each match with Alex Shelley. Whether as a novice rookie looking to prove himself in their first bout. A surprising potential in victory within their second bout. Or finally proving he can stand on equal footing with Shelley in their third and final one-on-one match.

Oozing charisma in every move he does, Lee is the textbook example of how someone with a technical base utilizes big and flashy moves to not cover up for a lack of skill but to enhance what is already boundless skill.

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I said at the start of this segment that Lee could be signed anywhere and it wouldn’t surprise me. Well, that’s not true. Lee Moriarty SHOULD be signed anywhere he chooses. Cos’ the man certainly deserves it.