WWE: Its time to put the Hurt Business in the main event

The Hurt Business (photo courtesy of WWE)
The Hurt Business (photo courtesy of WWE) /

The Hurt Business gives off the vibes of stables like the Four Horsemen, Evolution, or any other group that styled and destroyed opposition as the main event act.

The Hurt Business continues to show that business remains up for them in all economies. Shelton Benjamin and Cedric Alexander picked up the tag team titles after an exciting match with the New Day at WWE TLC. With more gold to match their black and gold attire, it is time for the Hurt Business to be booked as the main event stable they have become since their establishment a few short months ago.

Remember when the WWE was hastily trying to bring in viewers by announcing a new stable would debut on the show? That stable turned out to be RETRIBUTION in a rushed idea that has floundered in the worst of ways. But, at that same time, the Hurt Business further established themselves as the dominant group across all the brands WWE has to offer.

Look at all the moments they have stood on top. They were the first to face down RETRIBUTION and did it week after week – even in the face of being outnumbered. This group also “took over” Raw Underground, making that their stage for the night. Whenever this group has set out to hit a goal, stopping them is a failed notion. MVP should be considered the “Comeback Wrestler of the Year” for the part he is played in building this group and helping Benjamin, Alexander and Bobby Lashley feel relevant in everything that they do.

However, there is one place where this group has not established itself quite yet. That is as a main event threat to Drew McIntyre’s run as WWE champion. Yes, Lashley had a very brief feud with McIntyre, which led to a 13-minute match at Backlash in June. Unlike others, Lashley did not get a storyline with McIntyre that spanned months, as he was immediately jettisoned back to the mid-card. This resulted in him taking the United States title, but he has not done much as that champion since.

Perhaps there is another way to see the Hurt Business become the main event group. MVP is always open to the idea of new members, and while this group should not get too bloated, perhaps there is room for one more. That one more should be none other than Keith Lee. Lee was rumored to be in line for one of the famed “pushes” that comes for wrestlers that Vince McMahon is high on, but Lee’s main roster run has been less than stellar. It has been tough to watch. Adding him to the Hurt Business and making him this group’s face for the main event scene would excite fans even more.

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Fans are watching the Hurt Business with bated breath – hoping that WWE is not preparing to show dissension in the group. It is too soon for that. This team needs to be in the main event and pestering every babyface along the way. Bobby Lashley should have been the one to do that, but WWE has made it clear that they opted to pass on him. Perhaps adding Keith Lee to the fold would help. Either way, the Hurt Business feels like a modern-day version of the Four Horsemen, and the potential to be the main event stable that fans enjoy is ripe for WWE to take advantage of right this moment.