WWE Royal Rumble 2021 Full Match Card Predictions

WWE, Keith Lee (photo courtesy of WWE)
WWE, Keith Lee (photo courtesy of WWE) /
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WWE NXT, Rhea Ripley
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Women’s Royal Rumble [Over-The-Top-Rope Free-For-All]

Raw Prediction: Ronda Rousey

SmackDown Prediction: Bianca Belair

NXT Prediction: Rhea Ripley

If one of the Raw superstars wins the Royal Rumble, it will be Ronda Rousey. Her contract is reportedly expiring in April of 2021, which is right around WrestleMania season, and she could come back before that contract expires. She has been one of the most protected superstars in the Raw Women’s Division. It would not be surprising if she made her way back into the Raw Women’s Championship picture by winning her first Royal Rumble, where she debuted, and challenging Asuka or Charlotte Flair at WrestleMania 37 for the Raw Women’s Championship she lost to Becky Lynch at WrestleMania 35 two years ago. However, it would be ill-advised to put Rousey back in the title picture, especially since the women’s division was never the same again after she ran through almost everyone in 2018.

If one of the SmackDown superstars wins the Royal Rumble, it will be Bianca Belair. As mentioned earlier, she is the ideal opponent for Sasha Banks at WrestleMania 37. On top of that, she has Royal Rumble experience from last year’s Royal Rumble after eliminating a record number of opponents in what was an impeccable showcase of her strength, agility, and athleticism. She can use that experience and her abilities to win the Rumble this year and challenge Banks at Mania. However, if she is the opponent for Banks at the Rumble, she will either not be in the Rumble match or be too fatigued to go all the way in the Rumble. The Elimination Chamber could always be a Plan B for Belair to earn her title opportunity against Banks at Mania. Seeing her eliminate everyone in a Chamber would be a sight to see from the EST of WWE.

If one of the NXT superstars wins the Royal Rumble, it will be Rhea Ripley. Her momentum has suffered ever since she lost the NXT Women’s Championship to Charlotte Flair, who unnecessarily won the Royal Rumble against up-and-comer Shayna Baszler and did little to nothing to elevate the NXT Women’s Division in the ring and on the mic. She did not even eat the pinfall to lose the NXT Women’s Championship to Io Shirai, who pinned Ripley to win that title in a triple threat match at NXT Takeover: In Your House. Ripley lost most of her momentum (and her confidence, according to her) because of this booked interaction with Charlotte Flair, and winning the Rumble could help her redeem herself with two choices: a rematch against Io Shirai for the NXT Women’s Title or a rematch against Charlotte Flair but for the Raw Women’s Title at WrestleMania 37.

Ultimate Prediction: Rhea Ripley