WWE Royal Rumble 2021 Full Match Card Predictions

WWE, Keith Lee (photo courtesy of WWE)
WWE, Keith Lee (photo courtesy of WWE) /
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WWE, Keith Lee
WWE, Keith Lee (photo courtesy of WWE) /

Men’s Royal Rumble [Over-The-Top-Rope Free-For-All]

Raw Prediction: Keith Lee

SmackDown Prediction: Daniel Bryan

NXT Prediction: Adam Cole

If one of the Raw superstars wins the Royal Rumble, it will be Keith Lee. He has reasons to battle both WWE Champion Drew McIntyre and Universal Champion Roman Reigns. Lee and Reigns had a memorable moment at Survivor Series 2019, where Lee got the ‘rub’ from Reigns after Reigns eliminated him last to become the sole survivor for Team SmackDown. It was also no coincidence that Lee eliminated Jey Uso, Roman’s cousin, last at this year’s Survivor Series. The signs point to a championship match between them at Mania. While this can be teased, it could be more likely that Lee remains on Raw to battle McIntyre for the WWE Championship. Every time McIntyre has a rivalry for his championship, Lee was continually involved in the background. This was the case for both McIntyre’s feud with Orton and now with Sheamus. The seeds are planted. Book it.

If one of the SmackDown superstars wins the Royal Rumble, it will be Daniel Bryan. As mentioned earlier, he is the ideal opponent for Roman Reigns at WrestleMania 37. On top of that, he has Royal Rumble experience as a notable Iron Man who can endure this match better than most superstars on the roster. He can use that experience and his technical professional wrestling skills to win the Rumble this year and challenge Reigns at Mania. However, if he is the opponent for Reigns at the Rumble, he will either not be in the Rumble match or be too fatigued to go all the way in the Rumble. The Elimination Chamber could always be a Plan B for Bryan to earn his title opportunity against Reigns at Mania. Seeing Bryan eliminate everyone in a Chamber would be a good way to help him regain his momentum so that his inevitable loss to Reigns means more.

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If one of the NXT superstars wins the Royal Rumble, it will be Adam Cole. He has done it all in NXT and should have been called up a long time ago. He has feuded with almost everyone in NXT, and those feuds are now going stale. The Rumble could be his gateway to going to the main roster and challenging for the WWE or Universal Championship. Challenging Drew McIntyre would be ideal since his NXT debut involved attacking Drew McIntyre with the Undisputed Era. It would be neat to revisit that in what could be a memorable WrestleMania storyline. However, it would be too soon of a push for Cole to win the Rumble and main event Mania after getting called up. Although he is one of the best wrestlers in the WWE, it would not be smart to push him down anyone’s throats or else that could unfortunately be his ‘last shot’ at the main event scene on the main roster.

Ultimate Prediction: Keith Lee