NXT New Year’s Evil Match Card Predictions

Finn Balor on the Oct. 30, 2019 edition of WWE NXT. Photo: WWE.com
Finn Balor on the Oct. 30, 2019 edition of WWE NXT. Photo: WWE.com /
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Io Shirai (c) vs. Toni Storm for the NXT Women’s Championship

Although an NXT Women’s Title match has not been announced for NXT New Year’s Evil, I believe that will happen on the next episode of the Black and Gold brand. I think it’s important for both world titles to be represented on the show, and, selfishly, I relish any opportunity I can get to watch Io Shirai wrestle. She is arguably the very best on the planet in that ring.

Toni Storm is a damn good wrestler in her own right, too. For the life of me, I can’t understand why WWE decided to turn her heel, but I am admittedly enjoying seeing her express herself as a villain. She’ll need some more time to find her footing in this new character, of course, but I am optimistic. Storm is an incredible talent and has been one of WWE’s most impressive performers in the NXT system for a couple of years now.

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Shirai vs. Storm would be the best quality match for NXT New Year’s Evil. A lot of fans wondered if we could get Raquel Gonzalez vs. Shirai, but I like this set-up more. Mercedes Martinez is another option instead of Storm if WWE doesn’t want Storm to take a loss so early into her heel turn, but, honestly, that’s OK with me. I simply want to see a great match and don’t feel losing to Shirai would hurt anybody’s credibility in the least.

As awesome as O’Reilly vs. Balor would be, a Storm vs. Shirai title match would be THE title match to watch on Jan. 6.