Dear WWE Creative: Time to reflect on 2020

WWE, Sasha Banks, Bayley Photo:
WWE, Sasha Banks, Bayley Photo: /

Dear WWE Creative Team,

On the cusp of a new year, filled with new opportunities and hope, it’s hard not to reflect on 2020. While I could take this letter to look at some of the things that went wrong, being the glass-half-full kind of gal that I am, I’m going to focus on the positive.

Before the world went on lockdown and live events were a thing of the past, let me say the 2020 Royal Rumble started the year with a bang. Not only were the women’s and men’s RR matches incredible, offering plenty of surprises, solid storytelling, and so much more, Edge’s return was certainly a nicely kept secret and not only one of the highlights of the year, but something his fanbase will forever cherish.

WrestleMania had a very different feel in 2020, and I believe most of us within the WWE Universe tuned in with an “it is, what it is” attitude. Thanks to the WWE superstars and your creative direction, it turned out a lot better than many thought it would be. In fact, not only were the matches solid (looking at you, Lynch versus Bazler, McIntyre versus Lesnar, Flair versus Ripley, KO versus Rollins … just to name a few), but you finally brought cinematic matches to the level that they should be, with the Styles versus Taker and Cena versus Wyatt. I, along with many fans across the globe, was on the edge of my seat.

Fast forward to Money in the Bank, and once again action was mixed in with background music, special guest appearances, and a sprinkle of humor when it came to the Women’s and Men’s ladder bouts. The very night after, a flawless promo would take place between The Man and The Empress, as Becky Lynch passed the warrior torch and her RAW Women’s title to Asuka so she could go be The Mom. SummerSlam would come, and along with it the innovative Thunderdome, which wasn’t an easy task to pull off, but filled in the gap of “live” fans, virtually, for both viewers at home and the WWE superstars themselves. It lightened the mood and made the new normal feel a little more like the old normal we were all used to.

The year would hurdle on. In between an American election like nonother, civil unrest, and a global pandemic (did I mention Murder Hornets?), fans everywhere sought an escape from reality, for even just some hours, and sometimes you delivered, and other times you didn’t. But, as a long time fan, I could feel that the Creative team and the superstars were trying their best to make lemons out of lemonade on both television and pay-per-views. You can’t always hit the target, but you never will if you don’t try, and I felt a sense of massive effort from the WWE on all fronts.

Still, some stories were told that were memorable. Looking at you, Sasha and Bayley; from friends to foes, to videos that celebrated your collaborative success, and that “hold all the gold” promo. Looking at you, Alexa Bliss, for transforming from a cynical sass-pants to a sadistic Firefly Funhouse sidekick. Looking at you, Randy Orton, for continuing to be one of the best wrestlers of our generation when it comes to in-ring technique, promos, and mic skills. Looking at you, Sami Zayn, who remains to be a decent and stand-up guy in real life, but plays one of the most-hated heels on both brands. Looking at you, Daniel Bryan, who consistently delivers stellar matches (always with a smile), and gives 150% (and it shows). Looking at you Bray Wyatt, because as boring as Monday Night RAW can get at times, you continue to be a light of hope and a reason to stay up for three hours just to catch a glimpse of you in the ring or the Funhouse. Looking at you, New Day, because even though you were separated this year, you continue to dance down that ramp and give it your all to entertain everyone in the Thunderdome and at home. Looking at you, Roman Reigns and Jey Uso, who don’t mind airing your family drama for the whole world to see (and you both do it so well). Watching you both evolve tremendously this year was a delight.

Looking at you, all the talent on all three rosters who remain committed to entertaining fans at all costs.

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So, 2020 wasn’t the greatest year in sports entertainment, but in many ways, the fact that WWE talent, head office, and you, WWE Creative, plugged along with the highs (and despite the lows) is something that I can appreciate and give a nod to.

Here’s to 2021; not sure what is in store, but here’s hoping the best is yet to come.