WWE Royal Rumble 2021: 3 possible opponents for Sasha Banks

WWE, Sasha Banks (Photo by Leon Bennett/Getty Images)
WWE, Sasha Banks (Photo by Leon Bennett/Getty Images) /
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Finally, we rest on the option that would seemingly be the most underwhelming of the three, as it would be a repeat of the TLC Pay Per View match. But I don’t think there’s anything wrong with a second match between Sasha Banks and Carmella, though I would hope the promos for ‘Mella are written more tastefully by creative, especially after they tore down the house at TLC.

We all know how great Sasha is in the ring. I don’t need to sell anyone who reads the site regularly (though we do occasionally get strays who want to argue otherwise…so nevermind them, I guess).

But Carmella is also quite good in the ring. She has improved so much over the years, as she went from a promising homegrown talent on the “original” SmackDown roster in 2016 to someone who can credibly have strong world title matches with one of the best in the industry.

Their match at TLC was good, but I think Carmella and Sasha left enough in the tank (for my powerlifting friends, let’s call it an RPE of 8), to have one more barnburner at the Royal Rumble. I have some reservations about the lines Carmella is fed with this new character, but I am not oblivious to the fact that she has potential in this role and is very talented. So I would not be opposed to see her having another shot at the title, nor do I feel there is any dishonor in losing to Sasha. In fact, by being in the ring with her in a world title match on PPV, a wrestler’s stock can only rise.

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There is one last thing I would like to add to this entry. Whereas Trish and Nattie would almost assuredly be singles matches, if Carmella gets another shot at Sasha’s title, I could see it being a Triple Threat instead of a third (remember the one on SmackDown before TLC) singles bout between the two.