WWE: Top 10 Most Shocking Moments of All-Time

WWE superstar Brock Lesnar (Photo by JP Yim/Getty Images)
WWE superstar Brock Lesnar (Photo by JP Yim/Getty Images) /
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2. Brock Lesnar Breaks The Streak

The reaction of the crowd at the sound of a referee counting three had never been so quiet. When Brock Lesnar hit a third F5 and successfully defeated The Undertaker at WrestleMania XXX, thousands of people were stunned silent. Nobody could believe what they had witnessed. No theme music played and Paul Heyman’s voice was louder than ever.

If the crowd needed somebody to confirm it, Heyman continuously shouted “Brock, you did it!”. However, the fans still didn’t want to believe it. Eventually, the official announcement was made and Brock’s music finally played. He had done the impossible. Brock Lesnar had broken The Undertaker’s WrestleMania undrafted streak.

Many people have wondered if Lesnar was the right choice to break “The Streak”. Many people have argued that it should have been CM Punk a year earlier or Bray Wyatt a year later. Despite all the opinions in the world, the record books are set in stone. Lesnar’s victory over Undertaker made him the biggest threat in the company.

While many people have argued that Lesnar didn’t need the validation of breaking the streak, he did in many ways. Lesnar had been a big draw since returning to the company in 2012 but had picked up big losses to John Cena at Extreme Rules and Triple H at WrestleMania 29. Once Lesnar conquered Undertaker, he became a whole different “beast” to conquer.

He would go on the best run of the WWE career and his win over Undertaker pushed him there. Plus, Lesnar has given back his victory to Undertaker since then. Lesnar has also put over stars like Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins, and Drew McIntyre in the years since that huge win. Without conquering “The Streak”, Brock’s second WWE run may have gone completely different.

1. The Montreal Screwjob

Once again, a moment that has become so iconic in wrestling history that you can forget how shocking it truly was at the time. However, when you consider the events of The Montreal Screwjob, it is the most shocking event in WWE history. This is a moment where the world of pro-wrestling melted into the real world in the worst way.

As the story goes, Bret Hart was set to leave WWE and head to WCW. However, Hart just happened to be the reigning WWF Champion at the time. Vince McMahon wanted Hart to lose the championship to Shawn Michaels in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, and “The Hitman” refused. Hart didn’t want to lose to Michaels in his home country and said he would lose to Shawn at a different time and location.

Unfortunately, WWE had trust issues following the Madusa incident that saw her trash the WWF Women’s Championship on WCW television. McMahon couldn’t even imagine that happening to the top prize in the federation. To protect his company, McMahon did the unimaginable. He revealed himself as the owner of the promotion as he orchestrated a devious plan.

When Michaels locked Hart in the sharpshooter, referee Earl Hebner called for the bell, declaring Shawn Michaels the winner via “submission” (Hart never submitted). The events that followed would go down in wrestling lore. Hart spits in the face of McMahon on live television and wrote the letters “WCW” with his hand live on camera. All while Michaels hurried to the back looking angry.

Backstage, Hart was said to have punched McMahon in the face. He wouldn’t be seen in the company again for many years. Many thought that they would never see Bret Hart back in a WWE ring. However, the impossible eventually happened and Bret Hart was welcomed back with open arms in 2010. He has since made amends with all parties involved.

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Bret has since become a two-time inductee of the WWE Hall of Fame: Once for his singles work and once alongside Jim Neidhart as The Hart Foundation. While a distant memory at this point, The Montreal Screwjob changed the business as we know it. And, it led to the birth of one of the most infamous characters in wrestling history: Mr. McMahon.