WWE: Ranking The Top Ten Backstabs of All Time

WWE, Jeff Hardy and Matt Hardy (Photo by Bobby Bank/Getty Images)
WWE, Jeff Hardy and Matt Hardy (Photo by Bobby Bank/Getty Images) /
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6. Eddie Guerrero turns on Rey Mysterio

The words “Why Eddie Why” will always give me flashbacks of this moment. Eddie Guerrero turned on his best friend and tag-team partner, Rey Mysterio, in a brutal fashion. This was a different side of Eddie Guerrero than we had ever seen. We had grown so used to the happy and funny version of Guerrero that everybody was caught off guard.

After months of friendly competition, Rey Mysterio kept getting the best of Guerrero in singles competition. Eventually, Guerrero snapped. The fans booed Eddie ruthlessly as he brutalized Mysterio. It was one of the most shocking and brutal beatings that WWE has ever seen. Guerrero busted open Mysterio’s head and about ripped his mask completely off.

Knowing how beloved Guerrero was and still is, it is wild to hear the fans chant “Eddie sucks” as he beat down Mysterio. The fans were nearly all stunned silent by the time that it was all over. The promo that followed the beating was some of the best work that Eddie has done on the microphone, too.

Guerrero knew how to make the fans love him, but he could make them hate him just as much. This version of Eddie Guerrero wasn’t around for long, but it showed the potential for his character growth in the future. Unfortunately, he passed away less than a year later and the world still mourns his memory, his legacy, and his potential.

5. Trish Stratus turns on Chris Jericho

The most disappointing part about this moment is that more wasn’t done with Trish Stratus and Christian afterward. However, they made their mark on WrestleMania history in a moment that won’t soon be forgotten. It all started out to be a bet for one Canadian dollar between Christian and Chris Jericho on who could sleep with Lita or Stratus first.

However, it turned out to be one of Jericho’s most heartbreaking moments. Jericho started to develop feelings for Stratus after the bet started; it felt like a story straight out of She’s All That. Jericho’s developing feelings for Trish eventually fractured the friendship of Jericho and Christian. The two would be set to settle all of their issues in a match at WrestleMania XX.

However, nobody expected what was about to happen. During the middle of the match, Stratus made her way out to the ring. She cost him to match by “accidentally” attacking him and allowing Christian to roll him up for the victory. To add insult to injury, Trish made her actions clear by slapping Jericho in the face.

If that wasn’t enough, Christian and Trish made out on the top of the ramp with Jericho watching heartbroken. The pairing of Trish Stratus and Christian didn’t last for long, unfortunately. The two Canadians had chemistry and could have become one of the most powerful and despised couples in the company. An untimely injury put Christian out of action and the pairing thus ended.