AEW: Looking back at the Top 10 Moments in 2020

The Dark Order (right to left: Stu Grayson, Brodie Lee, and Evil Uno) standing at the ramp (photo courtesy of AEW)
The Dark Order (right to left: Stu Grayson, Brodie Lee, and Evil Uno) standing at the ramp (photo courtesy of AEW) /
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2. Sting makes his AEW debut


The call heard ’round the wrestling world also came at “Winter is Coming”. JR noted that all fans should “mark it down: Wednesday night, December the 2nd, 2020. This crazy year has just gone insane!”

“The Icon” showed up when Team Taz was intimidating the Rhodes Brothers and Darby Allin. Team Taz scattered like cockroaches in the light as Sting approached the ring. Sting came face to face with his old archrival Arn Anderson before turning his attention to Cody and Allin.

There had been rumors that Sting would eventually come to AEW, but they had mostly died down in recent months. It was completely unexpected for him to return when he did, especially when the buildup for most of the show centered around Moxley vs. Omega.

While we don’t know exactly what Sting is doing in AEW, he is fascinated with the current TNT Champion, Darby Allin. We also know that Cody is not his current focus. The Stinger said in his first address to the AEW crowd, “Cody, I’m not here for you. At least, not right now.”

1. AEW pays tribute to Mr. Brodie Lee

I originally had Sting’s debut as my Number One moment. I wish I still could leave it in the top spot. On the last Dynamite of the year, AEW scrapped all plans in order to pay tribute to Jon Huber a.k.a. Brodie Lee.

This was the best tribute show I’ve ever seen. It started with the entire AEW roster, Tony Khan, Brodie’s wife, and kids on stage during a 10-bell salute. In between matches were raw, emotional tributes from fellow wrestlers and talent. Each match featured members of Dark Order and wrestlers paying tribute to “The Exalted One”.

Nothing was more poignant than Lee’s boots sitting in the ring, covered with a purple bandana. After Brodie Jr.’s hand-picked main event, Cody and Preston “Ten” Vance stayed in the ring while Khan, Brodie Jr., and Amanda Huber joined them. Brodie Jr. was presented with the TNT Championship and was christened the TNT Champion for life.

A  video was released later that showed what happened off-air. Khan shared a beautiful moment with Brodie Jr. Khan proceeded to talk about the Huber family. It was an emotional night that will never be forgotten.

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Hope you enjoyed this list of AEW’s Top 10 moments of 2020. It was hard to narrow it down to just these ten. What was your favorite moment this year?