Impact Wrestling: The Motor City Machine Guns Are Crucial

IMPACT Wrestling Image provided by IMPACT/AXS
IMPACT Wrestling Image provided by IMPACT/AXS /

One of the biggest treats for Impact Wrestling in 2020 was the return of the Motor City Machine Guns. They were finally back home to take back their spot.

Many names come to mind when you think of the glory days of TNA. Guys like AJ Styles, Christopher Daniels, and Samoa Joe made their names known in the company. The company provided fresh new talents and an innovative ring design. The cherry on top was the X-Division, much like the Cruiserweights in WCW.

The division provided many talented stars like Jay Lethal, Frankie Kazarian, and Petey Williams. However, two standouts of the division would meet each other and the rest is history. Chris Sabin and Alex Shelley, the team known as the Motor City Machine Guns, were on their way to becoming one of the most beloved teams in wrestling.

The two first teamed together in 2007 while Chris Sabin was the X-Division Champion. The two showed instant chemistry in their first match together. Since then, the Motor City Machine Guns have been a team that comes and goes. Both men are so talented by themselves that they have veered apart multiple times.

Chris Sabin has even been pushed to be a former Impact World Champion. However, they kept finding a way back to each other. They have fought throughout various companies besides Impact Wrestling. They have won tag team gold in New Japan Pro-Wrestling and Ring of Honor among other smaller promotions.

Every time that the Machine Guns have reunited, the fans have been glad to see them. The fans were delighted to see Chris Sabin and Alex Shelley return home to Impact Wrestling at Slammiversary. They quickly took back their spot as the top team in the company by defeating The Rascals then quickly going on to beat The North for the Impact Tag Team Championships.

Since then, the Motor City Machine Guns have given Impact Wrestling a few of their roots back. It is good to tune into Impact and see TNA originals like Sabin, Shelley, and Eric Young back on the screen. Along with the fresh new faces that have been making a name in the company, Impact Wrestling is starting to gain momentum again.

Things looked bleak for Impact at multiple times. Fans have ofter wondered if Impact would even make it to 2021. However, here we are on the brink of huge things for the company. At Hard To Kill, the AEW World Champion Kenny Omega will make his debut for Impact. Fans are excited for Omega and the Impact Tag Champions The Good Brothers to reunite the band.

Although, this match isn’t most important for Kenny Omega. This match is important for the Motor City Machine Guns. While the teams in AEW like FTR and The Young Bucks are regarded as two of the best teams, they both have aspirations to face Chris Sabin and Alex Shelley. Now that The Young Bucks have made their alliances clear, this just got a lot more interesting.

We are one step closer to seeing The Young Bucks versus the Motor City Machine Guns in AEW or Impact Wrestling. The history is there between the two teams as they have collided in the past. However, this is a higher stage for them to compete on. We all see that The Young Bucks and The Good Brothers are great teams and rightfully carry tag team gold.

That is why it is crucial the Motor City Machine Guns are booked strong at Hard To Kill. This match is clearly designed for Kenny Omega to have a huge showing. He is making his big debut and needs to come out looking strong in the end. However, Rich Swann and Motor City need to look like stars in this match. Impact needs to have them almost beat Omega and The Good Brothers.

Having Swann, Sabin, and Shelley look strong in this match and having the heels narrowly steak the victory will further this narrative along. We are all hoping to see more cross-promotion matches and interactions. A champion versus champion match between Kenny Omega and Rich Swann toping the lists for most. Yet, many are looking towards the Motor City Machine Guns.

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In this story, Impact Wrestling needs to have loyal warriors to represent them against All Elite Wrestling. The Motor City Machine Guns are now more crucial to the company than ever before. They can be the team that stands ahead of the roster and leads them into battle against Kenny Omega and his good brothers.