WWE Royal Rumble 2021 Match Card Predictions

WWE, Daniel Bryan (Photo by Santiago Felipe/Getty Images)
WWE, Daniel Bryan (Photo by Santiago Felipe/Getty Images) /
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Roman Reigns (c) vs. Adam Pearce for the Universal Championship

I know many of us wanted to see Shinsuke Nakamura go the distance and win the “Gauntlet Match”, because his performance was a reminder of why “The King of Strong Style” is one of the biggest legends of his era. He is a wrestling icon and can get the crowd behind him in an instant with his undeniable charisma.

But you know what? I’m cool with Adam Pearce being Roman Reigns’ opponent. I laughed my ass off when Jey Uso superkicked both Nakamura and Pearce, and Roman fulfilled his words to Pearce that the general manager will do whatever Reigns wants him to do. Reigns runs this show, and everything he has done to Pearce to this point is a clear power play designed to reinforce the idea that the Tribal Chief is the true leader of WWE.

Pearce vs. Reigns is going to be awesome. We can’t forget that not too long ago, Pearce was considered one of the best wrestlers in the country. He is a former five-time NWA World Heavyweight Champion and an NWA Hall of Famer inducted in the 2015 class. I mean, did you see that superkick sell? Pearce is freaking brilliant.

So yeah, this match is going to blow a lot of people’s expectations out of the water. Let me also ask you this: When was the last time Roman Reigns had a bad match?

Roman is winning, of course. It pretty much goes without saying, but since this is a predictions piece, I’ll make that clear.

Prediction: Roman Reigns