2021 Royal Rumble: Predicting All 30 Entrants In The Women’s Match

WWE, Ronda Rousey Credit: WWE.com
WWE, Ronda Rousey Credit: WWE.com /
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Lacey Evans

She has an interesting storyline with Charlotte Flair right now, and as one of the top female superstars on either roster, odds are, Lacey Evans will participate in the Women’s Royal Rumble. The big question is though, will Ric Flair accompany her and help her?

Nikki Cross

As a member of the active roster, there’s really no reason that Nikki wouldn’t be in the Royal Rumble. With that said, it would be great to see Cross do something major during the match. Eliminate a high-end superstar, or break a record for the longest time in a Women’s Royal Rumble match. Something along those lines. She deserves a spotlight in some capacity.


The WWE Universe hasn’t seen Naomi in a while, and the 2021 Royal Rumble seems like the perfect venue for an explosive return! An even better comeback storyline would be winning the match!

Billie Kay

Billie Kay has offered some much-needed comedic relief on SmackDown as of late, so it’s highly unlikely that she won’t provide some of the same for the 2021 Women’s Royal Rumble bout. She’ll continue to make lemonade out of the lemons she’s given. She may not win the match, but she’ll offer a nice highlight.

Peyton Royce

Could we see an IIconic reunion? Here’s hoping! Peyton and Billie don’t seem right apart, and it would be nice to see a story between these two unravel during the 2021 Royal Rumble.

Alexa Bliss

Little Miss Bliss is a front-runner to take this match. While she’s been more preoccupied with Randy Orton than wrestling as of late, it’s time for Bliss to re-enter the women’s division and take it by storm. A Royal Rumble win and WM 37 championship match could do this. Could the Fiend return and help her accomplish this goal?