2021 Royal Rumble: Predicting All 30 Entrants In The Women’s Match

WWE, Ronda Rousey Credit: WWE.com
WWE, Ronda Rousey Credit: WWE.com /
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NXT Entrants

There are always a few ladies from NXT that pop into the Royal Rumble match, and for my predictions, I’m going with Toni Storm, Ember Moon, and Candice LeRae. The fan reaction from the Thunderdome for all three would be incredible. While I’d personally love to see Piper Niven appear, I wonder if COVID-19 travel restrictions will have to keep this superstar from the bout. There’s always next year …


There are always some legends that pop up for the Women’s Royal Rumble. Sadly, Trish Stratus announced on her IG story that she couldn’t attend the RAW Legends episode recently, because she resides in Canada, and non-essential travel is part of the country’s COVID-19 restriction guidelines. Perhaps, Melina or Torrie Wilson could make an appearance at the Rumble. Mickie James was considered a “legend” during RAW, but she is still technically on the main roster, so she also could be an entrant on January 31st.


Charlotte Flair recently replaced Lana as Asuka’s tag team partner, due to “injury”. This may have been all part of a grander plan for Flair’s comeback storyline, so seeing Lana enter the Royal Rumble, and return to action, is probably in the cards for this superstar. Could she take the entire match? Seems doubtable, but Lana has this “underdog” feel to her character that is resonating with some fans. If WWE Creative brings this out even further her storytelling during the match, anything is possible.

Sonya Deville

Deville has returned to the land of WWE and SmackDown recently, which has been great to see. I’m a huge fan of Sonya’s and truly believe this woman is destined for big things in that squared circle. Secretly wishing she could take the match, but she’ll enter the bout, and hoping that she makes a major impact.