WWE: Three wrestlers that should join Roman Reigns

Roman Reigns, WWE SmackDown (photo courtesy of WWE)
Roman Reigns, WWE SmackDown (photo courtesy of WWE) /

When it comes to Wrestling Factions, they’ve driven some of the most entertaining moments in professional wrestling history, and these are the three names that should help Roman Reigns create a legendary faction in 2021.

If you have been following WWE, then you know by now that Smackdown is the best wrestling show on WWE television, and one of the main reasons for that is because of Roman Reigns being the top heel world champion. In this piece, I break down three wrestlers who should join Reigns faction.

Over the last couple of months, Reigns has made it clear that he was “The Head of the Table.” He started the heel turn beating his cousin Jey Uso who is now a member of Reigns stable, and it is only a matter of time before Jimmy Uso returns and joins his brother and cousin as the top heels on the blue brand. When Reigns first turned to Paul Heyman for guidance, I knew we were in for something special, but I didn’t see it being this good. I believe Reigns, Heyman, and Jey Uso are already the right faction, but if these three wrestlers can be added, then it would be what takes this group to the next level.

Jacob Fatu

Jacob Fatu is signed to Major League Wrestling, but if WWE wanted him, I’m sure they could get him out of that contract. If there were ever a wrestler that WWE should buy out of contract from another company, it would defiantly be Fatu. Fatu is a member of the Anoa’i family, which WWE is very familiar with because they currently have Reigns and the Usos, who are his cousins. Fatu would be a great enforcer for Reigns stable and could play a hitman role that protects Reigns from other wrestlers.

Fatu is currently the reigning MLW world champion and has had some great matches with Davey Boy Smith JR and Brian Pillman Jr. Fatu signing with WWE and joining Roman Reigns faction would make the group a serious threat to the rest of the WWE roster and make Smackdown the best wrestling show not just on WWE television, but in the world of professional wrestling.

Apollo Crews

The seeds for this were already planted on the  January 8th  episode of Talking Smack after Crews failed to beat Big E for the Intercontinental championship. For the most part, Crews treated the title opportunity as a friendly rivalry, but it was Paul Heyman who explained to Crews that he allowed his friendship with Big E gets the best of him.

The following week on Smackdown, we have seen Crews sitting under Reigns getting advice from the “Head of the Table” for his rematch with Big E. It would be a good opportunity for the former US champion to take his character to the next level. Ever since debuting on, Apollo has been searching for that big break that will allow the world to see that he can be a big-time player in the WWE. A heel turn is a break that could allow Apollo to enter into some good feuds so that his character can be taken more seriously.

Damian Priest

The third and final person that should be considered for Reigns stable is  “Damian Priest, who is coming off a loss to the returning Karrion Kross at NXT New Years Evil.  Priest, a former NXT North American champion, wasn’t booked the best when he first came to NXT, but after a while, he improved his position on the roster and started entering major feuds with key players on NXT like Finn Balor and Keith Lee.

There were reports of Damian Priest being called up earlier this month, but that never happened. I believe that Priest should debut at the Royal Rumble and cost Kevin Owens the match with Reigns and explain to the WWE universe how he is a family man himself and how he needed to do what was best for his family by joining up with Reigns because he likes the way Reigns handles business.

It will be interesting to see what WWE decides to do with Reigns faction, and I know if I were a part of the WWE writing team, these would be the three wrestlers I would have joined up with Reigns to create a faction that could be a threat to the whole WWE.