AEW: Omega versus Cage is the perfect feud for both men

In January, Christian was a surprise entrant in the Royal Rumble. In March, fans watched him walk through the AEW entrance as Christian Cage – a major signing for the company. When it was announced that a considerable name was coming to AEW, many people were left wondering who it could be. Just two months after his shocking to the ring, the former Two Time NWA World Heavyweight Champion and two-time WWE world heavyweight champion made headlines when he was revealed that he had signed with AEW at AEW Revolution Pay-Per-View.

There are some fans and wrestlers who consider the signing of Christin to be a blessing because of what he can bring to the young company. In this past episode of AEW Dynamite, it was clear that Omega was going to be Cage’s first feud in AEW. In this piece, I will be breaking down the importance of this being his first feud.

When it comes to AEW, they will provide Cage with the most freedom he has had since his TNA wrestling days. WWE is known for a very strict style of promo and matches, which isn’t the case in All Elite Wrestling at this time. Cage wants to prove that he still can put on strong wrestling matches, and there is no one better than to do that with Omega who is having perhaps the best run of his career.

This is a feud that AEW can really get creative with because of Cage being a former world champ in TNA and Impact and AEW having a working relationship. Cage may not be as big of a name as some speculated, he still has the ability to capture the attention of wrestling fans from eras past who have turned away from the industry.

From the look of it, AEW is already planning towards their Double or Nothing Pay-Per-View, with the Cage and Omega being the main event for that event. AEW has two months to build for this dream matchup. When it comes to world titles in professional wrestling, it is important that the wrestlers who are the champs have feuds that define their reign. Omega has already had some great matches, but a classic feud with Cage can really build even more momentum within his time at the top.

It is very likely that by the time Double or Nothing happens that Omega will be Impact wrestling world champion as well, which will be a very big deal. If Omega does win the Impact world title, then he will not only have Cage and Moxley after him but the wrestlers from Impact wrestling after him as well. Kenny Omega is the best wrestler in the world right now, and he is proving that every time he talks on the mic and steps in the ring. Cage will have a challenge on his hands when it comes to facing Omega who is enjoying the prime of his career.

A lot of fans will criticize AEW for putting Cage in a top spot so soon because of him being a former world champ in other wrestling companies. One of the issues that people have with the signing is the fact that Cage is a 47-year-old wrestler who is returning after a career-threatening injury that put him out of the ring for seven years. It is important that AEW doesn’t follow WCW and Impact wrestling footsteps when it comes to signing wrestlers that starred in WWE. If we take a current look at the AEW roster, they already have Christian, Matt Hardy, Sting, Y2J, and Paul Wight. When it comes to Christian, I don’t think he will take away any spots from a younger talent because he has always been willing to put over the younger talent.

Cage versus Omega will not only continue the narrative of Omega being the best in the business, but Cage can still put on a great show at this point in his career.