NXT TakeOver Stand & Deliver Night 1 Results: Raquel Gonzalez wins title

The road to WrestleMania had to go through NXT TakeOver Stand & Deliver, a two-night showcase of the best men and women around in the black and gold brand. Night one action featured a main event match that pit Io Shirai against Raquel Gonzalez, but that was not the only match to be excited for as there was a wealth of action across the card.

Before the main card kicked off, there was a women’s singles match that featured former NXT UK women’s champion, Toni Storm, taking on Zoey Stark.

The two ladies locked up early with neither able to get the early advantage. However, Stark was able to ground Storm with a headlock takeover to set the pace early. Storm was able to match power with Stark, but the two continued to exchange grappling positions. Stark got rolling first but made a mistake against Storm in the corner, who capitalized and started pounding away on her grounded foe.

Storm continued to roll, but Stark kept kicking out of every pin attempt. Stark fought back until she was able to land a big Superplex out of the corner. Both women fought back to their feet to exchange forearm shots. Stark landed a nasty half-nelson suplex, followed by a knee shot but Storm kicked out of both pin attempts.

Storm went for the Storm Zero, but Stark countered with a hook kick. When Storm went for the Storm Zero a second time, Stark countered with the inside cradle to pick up the pinfall victory.

Zoey Stark defeated Toni Storm via pinfall.

The main card of NXT TakeOver: Stand & Deliver opened with Pete Dunne and KUSHIDA facing off in the first match.

The match starts with a flying triangle into an arm bar counter, both men prepared to grapple. Dunne had the first control, but KUSHIDA was able to counter early, landing the first big move of the match with an X-Plex on the ring apron. Dunne got even more physical when he just stomped on the side of KUSHIDA’s head. They end up on the ramp leading to the ring where KUSHIDA takes over, punting Dunne in the arm.

Dunne continues to get more intense with his strikes, but KUSHIDA keeps kicking out of pinfalls. KUSHIDA dropped Dunne with a right hand, but they both get back to their feet with more brutal shots. KUSHIDA landed an avalanche hoverboard lock but Dunne found a way to the ropes to break the hold. Dunne stomped away on KUSHIDA’s fingers, leading to the Bitter End and a big victory for the former champion.

Pete Dunne defeated KUSHIDA via pinfall.

The Gauntlet Eliminator was up next, but Leon Ruff and Swerve Scott did not wait for the bell to start brawling. The two men scrapped outside of the ring with Scott getting the upper hand. The bell rings and Scott continues delivering the punishment. Ruff countered the table spot into the cutter to turn the match in his favor. Ruff continued to counter, but things picked up with Bronson Reed joined the fight.

Reed goes on a rampage, flattening both men into the mat. Scott and Ruff tried to team up, but they eat a one-man German suplex for their trouble. Cameron Grimes was out next, and the three men work together to get Reed out of the ring, then turning their focus on Ruff. Grimes and Scott continued to work over Ruff, and they welcomed in the next competitor, Dexter Lumis.

Lumis was rolling early, dominating both Grimes and Scott. Still, only one man was eliminated as LA Knight came out as the last entrant. Reed immediately confronted him, taking him down with a Samoan Drop. Reed was rolling until Knight found a way to counter in the corner. He would then drop Grimes and Scott immediately after.

The eliminations started piling up as Knight eliminated Lumis, but Knight was immediately pinned by Reed. That left Grimes, Reed, and Scott as each man attempted to get an upper hand but the result was each man left laying on the mat. Grimes attempted to roll up Scott with the tights, but Scott rolled through with the tights to pin Grimes.

Reed goes up top and Scott stops him, landing a slam off the top into the ring apron. Scott lands three House Calls but Reed kicks out. That leads to powerbomb, sit-out slam, and then the Tsunami for Reed to pick up the victory, heading to night two to face Johnny Gargano for the NXT North American title.

Bronson Reed wins the Gauntlet Eliminator.

Walter was out to defend his NXT UK championship against former NXT champion, Tommaso Ciampa.

Ciampa brought out his quickness early, but Walter used his power to isolate Ciampa in the corner. But the minute the opening allowed itself, Walter landed a nasty chop and the violence picked up. They ended up outside the ring and Walter missed a chop, putting his hand through the table. Ciampa would then focus on that hand, attacking it with kicks.

The pace slowed down, and Walter stalked the smaller man. Ciampa landed some stiff clotheslines but could not topple the bigger man. He finally got Walter off his feet but could not hit the Fairy Tale ending. He finally lands it, but Walter kicks out. German Suplex to clothesline from Walter, but Ciampa kicks out to survive.

Ciampa was in control for the second half of the match but could not find a way to win. He landed the Air Raid Crash, but Walter kicked out again. Walter would toss Ciampa right on the top of his head, but Ciampa bounced up only to eat another chop and get pinned, allowing Walter to retain his title.

Walter defeated Tommaso Ciampa via pinfall.

Triple threat tag action was up next as MSK, Legado del Fantasma and the Grizzled Young Veterans battled for the titles.

This match was the perfect mix of styles and early on each team had their high spots. James Drake was able to take over early, after he and Zack Gibson forced the other two teams from the ring. They isolated Carter on their side of the ring before he was able to tag out to Wes Lee.

Legado took over. They landed a double coast-to-coast on Carter, before jumping Gibson who broke up the pinfall. Carter was finally able to get to Lee, who came in and cleared the ring of everyone, even attacking those outside the ring. Drake and Gibson focused on Lee’s injured hand, locking in a submission but Carter stopped Lee from tapping out.

MSK and GYV cleared the ring of Legado and faced off in the center of the ring. The two teams exchanged offense, but it would be Lee who would lay out Gibson, pinning him and securing the tag team titles for MSK.

MSK defeated the Grizzled Young Veterans and Legado del Fantasma via pinfall.

The main event of the evening brought out Raquel Gonzalez to face off against Io Shirai for the NXT women’s championship.

The two women came out of the gate quickly with Gonzalez putting her strength on display, overpowering the champion. Shirai was rolling early, leading to Dakota Kai getting involved and tossed from ringside. Gonzalez did not need her at ringside, as she continued to toss the champion around the ring. Shirai continued to kick out of each pinfall.

Shirai would fight back, landing the head scissors takedown into the double foot stomp. She countered the one-arm powerbomb into a cross face, followed up with the moonsault outside the ring. Shirai would even jump off the top of the ring set skull to crash into Gonzalez. She would also hit the moonsault, but Gonzalez kicked out of the pinfall attempt.

Gonzalez would not go away. Back in the ring she hit a big clothesline, followed up with a one-arm powerbomb, pinning Shirai in the middle of the ring and becoming the new NXT champion.

Raquel Gonzalez defeated Io Shirai via pinfall.