WWE: Five reasons why WrestleMania has lost its magic

WrestleMania is a unique event that has become the world of professional wrestling’s Super Bowl. The WWE crafted its legacy as being the career-defying event that became a highlight reel for some of the greatest moments in professional wrestling.

WrestleMania was first introduced in 1985 and has since produced 37 editions, with the most recent taking place this past Saturday and Sunday. It is like you know knew something special was taking place. It is the moments such as Shawn Michaels and Bret Hart going into sudden death after 60-minutes of action. The Rock and Hulk Hogan were staring each other down as the fans’ electricity could be felt just by watching the match on pay-per-view. These are just two moments that made WrestleMania special and a fantastic event.

Each year the company brings together its best wrestlers and legends to compete in front of massive crowds—wrestling fans from all over the world tune in for the mega event. The legacy of the show of shows is also something special. So many of WWE’s most influential names have been defined by the event. As the WWE gets ready for its after WrestleMania reset, I thought it would good to discuss the five reasons why WrestleMania lost its magic.

5. Titles Lost Prestige

The WWE currently has ten championships on their main rosters, which doesn’t seem a lot because of how big the rosters are. When it comes to the championships in the WWE, the value of the titles has lost a lot of its prestige. There was a time where winning the Intercontinental Championship at WrestleMania meant you were next in line for a shot at the World Championship.

The WWE has done a horrible job when it comes to their Tag Team divisions and mid-card divisions. The United States and IC titles have been held by some of the greatest professional wrestlers ever, and they have become titles used as filler matches for the biggest wrestling event of the year. This year’s WrestleMania featured both mid-card titles, but the storyline involving the titles didn’t have much thought put into them.

4. No interesting storylines

The storylines going into this WrestleMania weren’t up to par. The storylines that the WWE was trying to give the audience didn’t meet the level that the fans wanted them to be on. Storylines are the most significant factors that keep a fan involved with your content every week. WWE has 365 days to come up with good storylines for Wrestlemania, and it’s like they can’t create something that leads to long-term storytelling.

3. Bad Booking Decisions

Bad booking is something that WWE has become used to over the last eight years. At this year’s Wrestlemania event, Randy Orton defeated the Fiend in a match that the Fiend should have won, pushing the Fiend to a better and bigger feud. The WWE has botched their bookings in some of the ridiculous manners over the years that have led to Wrestlemania not feeling as special as it once was.

2. Lack of Top Stars

When it comes to lack of stars, this Wrestlemania was the first time in years that we didn’t see HHH, The Undertaker, Brock Lesnar, and John Cena featured on the card. This was a brave move by the WWE because they trusted their current roster to carry their biggest event of the year for the first time in years. There is nothing wrong with WWE pushing new stars, but there is a problem with WWE pushing stars without the proper build.

There was a WWE point when they had The Rock, Steve Austin, The Undertaker, Triple H, Jericho, Kurt Angle, Eddie Gurrero, Kane, and The Big Show. That is nine wrestlers who have star problems that people want to see whenever they wrestle. The WWE needs to create new stars that can connect with their audience. The WWE title picture felt like it was missing something this year. Even though both world title matches delivered, it still felt like that boyhood dream storyline was missing from the event.

1. Predictable Results

The fans are not new to the concept of WWE, and things get done. We know what is going to happen when it comes to 97% of their matches. That is something that fans couldn’t do when it came to Past Wrestlemania events. The quality of the matches was never the problem in the WWE. The predictable, safe results that the fans are left with every time they get attached to an exciting storyline. Wrestlemania is an event where anything can happen, but that doesn’t mean that the fans should predict the card.