Randy Orton and Matt Riddle as WWE Raw Tag Team Champions?

Randy Orton and Riddle are apparently the newest members of the Raw men’s tag team division.

Team “RK-Bro” came out victorious in their first match, taking down the former members of the Hurt Business, Shelton Benjamin and Cedric Alexander. Alongside the talented Alexander and Benjamin, Orton and Riddle ensured that fans get their time’s worth, as they performed their respective signature moves to perfection. It wasn’t long before the newly formed team picked up the victory, but that leaves a big question on everyone’s mind…

After a successful debut as a duo, are Randy Orton and Riddle worthy of a Raw Tag Team Championship match?

It’s an interesting question to ponder, because while a number of tag teams have taken shape over time, but they have either not received the opportunity to prove their mettle or have scummed under a lacklustre storyline. Otis and Gable, for example, are one such tag team that are still waiting to prove a point and leave a mark on SmackDown, and so are others on the Raw side of things. So, are Randy and Riddle worthy of a title shot?

In terms of the teams on the Monday night brand, there’s no one better to do so than the Raw Tag Team Champions, A.J. Styles & Omos. Styles can bring a bigger focus to the tag team division with his gift of gab and his amazing in-ring skills. If Orton and Riddle answer their challenge, then it will lift the stocks of Raw’s tag team division even further.

Orton and Riddle could be the new tag team champions in no time, and this will start a journey of backstage “Odd Couple” segments and promos that will entertain the fans to the fullest. Riddle is known for his funny approach, while Orton is all business. It will also pave the way for a feud between the two after “The Viper” inevitably turns on Riddle, ensuring that “The Original Bro’s” on-screen presence and workrate improve in the process.

Riddle is a great performer, but he needs a story that can keep him in the right situation at all times, and Orton may be the person to do that for him. A fight that brings out the best of Riddle will be a good thing because WWE needs new superstars that can carry the company ahead, and using an established veteran to give him a boost will help with that goal.

Orton is one of those superstars that was once nurtured by the best in the business, and this training helped “The Legend Killer” become the superstar that he is today. He has passed this knowledge to others over the years, such as AEW star Cody Rhodes and Ted Dibiase Jr., who gained momentum when they were a part of The Legacy in the late 2000s. Orton can build another superstar with this story, and there’s nothing better than to start this journey with gold around his waist.