Thunder Rosa elevates wrestling to a new level in and out the ring

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Thunder Rosa has elevates any wrestling company, no matter who she is going against. It is hard not to get excited when hearing a promotion announce Rosa’s name for a show.

The excitement goes back to before she was even NWA World Women’s Champion last year. She started her climb up the ladder taking on the best wrestlers from different companies and countries. This eventually led her to a match against the charismatic superhero, Brittany Wonder. Going into that match, Rosa was already draped in two belts, and one was the Gold Rush Pro Wrestling Lady Luck Championship.

The crowd cheered for Rosa over Wonder, which is not an easy thing to do at all. Watching Rosa at that moment, it was obvious that fans were witnessing someone incredibly special and that remains true today.

Thunder Rosa has continuously elevated the game for wrestling every week.

Rosa has been on AEW Dark Elevation in the last month and has taken on competitors like Renee Michelle, Willow Nightingale, and Shawna Reed to name a few. Each match displayed the heart and determination of Rosa and her opponents.

Recently, Rosa has hinted at the idea of being a double champion, as she plans to pursue the NWA and AEW Women’s Championships. As mentioned, it would not be the first time Thunder Rosa has carried two belts and it would be nostalgic to see it all again.

Rosa’s journey is filled with a lot of scenarios on both shows, and with plenty of great talent in both promotions, that makes for a perfect storm

In the NWA, she must deal with Kamille, a top contender who has a pinfall victory over her already. This challenge Rosa faces may halt everything she has planned. Add in a fighting champion in Serena Deeb makes it an even harder pursuit.

Over at AEW, there is Dr. Britt Baker, who has become a “fight forever” rival to Thunder Rosa. There is also the return of Kris Statlander –who has dominated since coming back — the undefeated money athlete Jade Cargill, and the champion herself, Hikaru Shida. When adding the AEW women’s roster into the loop of her pursuit of being a double champion, she has a lot to chip away at to make it a reality.

Rosa’s journey does not end there, though. When she is not in pursuit of championship gold on NWA and AEW, she is running Mission Pro Wrestling. This company has had hype and been the talk of social media since its very first show.

Mission Pro Wrestling’s next show is on June 12 with a stacked card, including the MPW champion, La Rosa Negra, going against Lady Frost. On top of chasing championship gold in other companies, she has her own promotion, and she switches gears between those championship dreams and Mission Pro Wrestling.

When she is not on her journey to gain titles from AEW and the NWA, she is pushing others to display their greatness. Rosa has given a platform to women’s wrestlers to shine, and it speaks volumes about her genuine love for wrestling to give fans more entertaining wrestling from different names.

This element shows who Rosa is as a wrestler and a person. Some things are bigger than championships and Rosa wants to see others shine. Her mission is far from over and she puts her heart and soul into every show to make it must-see wrestling for any wrestling fan.

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With as many wrestling shows displayed on television and stream services, there is a lot to watch from different companies, and Thunder Rosa is a highlight no matter which one she wrestles for.

From a personal perspective, this ride has been going on for years and the excitement is still there, the same way it was the very first time seeing her wrestle. The wrestling fans are truly witnessing someone who is a once-in-a-lifetime human being and wrestler.