WWE NXT: Karrion Kross retains title in main event over Finn Balor

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WWE NXT has been all about big matches in recent weeks and few were bigger than Tuesday’s NXT Championship match between Finn Balor and Karrion Kross. With that rematch on the horizon and much more on the show, including a face-off between Ted DiBiase and Cameron Grimes, NXT continued it is pushed to return to what fans enjoyed from the brand a few short years ago.

Women’s tag team action kicked off the night with Ember Moon and Shotzi Blackheart. They faced off against a team they were remarkably familiar with in Raquel Gonzalez and Dakota Kai. Gonzalez came in early and was overpowering both women. She woman handled both Moon and Blackheart before tagging in Kai to take over.

Once Blackheart entered the ring again, she was able to take advantage of Kai, beating her to the punch around the ring. Moon came back in to continue the assault, but Kai was able to kick out of a pin attempt. When Gonzalez got back into the ring the pain came with her.

Kai returned to action and once again she was not on the best side of the offense. Moon was finally able to get in some offense on Gonzalez, getting the bigger woman off her feet. When both Kai and Moon were grounded, it would finally be Moon who was able to get over to make the tag. Moon locked in a submission hold but Gonzalez made the save. She almost power bombed Moon, but Moon hit a modified Eclipse to knock Gonzalez from the ring. They then used that opportunity to hit a tag move on Kai to pick up the victory.

Shotzi Blackheart and Ember Moon defeat Raquel Gonzalez and Dakota Kai via pinfall.

Singles action was next, with Pete Dunne facing off against Bobby Fish.

Fish went right for the head out of the gate, as he landed a series of kicks on the former NXT UK champion. Fish got off to a hot start, but it was not long before Dunne took over after a nasty forearm to the face. Once Dunne got rolling, he started to pick Fish apart, targeting the left arm. Fish countered, locking in an armbar of his own to take over.

When the show returned from commercial Dunne was back dominating Fish, slapping away at his back while stretching his legs. Fish hit a big spinebuster and was back to hammering Dunne with elbows. Back outside the ring the carnage continued with Fish attacking Dunne but getting hit with a kick to the face when he entered the ring. Fish landed a knee to Dunne’s midsection, but was unable to get the victory. Fish locked in another armbar, but Dunne rolled through and into the Bitter End, picking up the win.

Pete Dunne defeated Bobby Fish via pinfall.

Mercedes Martinez was looking to get back into the victor’s side of the card as she had a one-on-one match against Zayda Ramier.

Ramier came out with the quickness to start the match and it was working initially. Once Martinez got her hands on Ramier, the tide of the match changed as the bigger woman was in control. Ramier hit a head scissors takedown and locked in a rear naked choke, but it was not long until Martinez slammed her into the corner. She would toss her from the corner and hit the Air Raid Crash right after to pick up the win.

Mercedes Martinez defeated Zayda Ramier via pinfall.

Cameron Grimes was out next, and he had some words planned for Ted DiBiase. He tried to play onto their similarities, as DiBiase is an “idol” of his. DiBiase tried to talk Grimes into regaining his focus until LA Knight came out with something to say. As with things that go down in the ring, Knight and Grimes ended up getting physical with Grimes taking the worst of it.

Frankie Monet had her long-awaited debut up next as took on Cora Jade.

Monet had her way with Jade from the start of the match, beating Jade up and laughing at her along the way. Jade would get in a little offense of her own but all of that hit stop once Monet hit a stiff spear followed up with a modified powerbomb. She finished Jade off with the Glam Slam for the victory.

Franky Monet defeated Cora Jade via pinfall.

The main event brought out Balor to take on Kross for the second time.

Balor locked on a tight headlock to start the match, but Kross soon knocked him to the mat. Balor was all over Kross early, landing a dropkick to his knee that slowed the big man down. Balor went back to Kross’s legs, but he was ready, hitting an armbar to counter. Kross then brought out the power game, tossing the smaller man around the ring. Balor was finally able to get his own offense in, attacking Kross’s lower back.

Balor continued to take the onslaught from Kross but fought back with an armbar and more shots to Kross’s midsection. Both men found themselves taking on massive amounts of damage, but the champion remained in control with longer exchanges. Balor fought back once again but was hit with a Northern Lights Suplex, transitioned into a clothesline.

Balor landed another double stomp but Kross used that moment to lock in a rear naked choke, nearly submitting him in the middle of the ring. Balor countered another suplex into a DDT, setting off a series of offense in which he landed a top rope dive, only to be planted on the table immediately after. The carnage continued from there as Balor took another suplex onto his neck.

Balor locked in a rear naked choke of his own, transitioning into the triangle choke, but Kross did not fade. He answered with a powerbomb and then a stiff elbow to the back, followed up by another. The Straitjacket was locked in again and Balor went out, forcing the referee to stop the match.

Karrion Kross defeated Finn Balor via referee stoppage.