Moose’s legacy building and loyalty to Impact Wrestling

IMPACT Wrestling Image provided by IMPACT/AXS
IMPACT Wrestling Image provided by IMPACT/AXS /

Back in 2016, Impact Wrestling was introduced to Moose for the very first time. The former NFL player showed up during a period of uncertainty for the promotion. Despite the uncertainty, Moose worked hard to show the world who he is as a competitor.

Moose kept working hard over the years for Impact and has proven himself to be a loyal member of its roster. This makes his pursuit for the Impact World Championship against Kenny Omega that much more meaningful.

Moose has a legacy of loyalty and dominance in Impact Wrestling.

Through the years, wrestling has gone through major changes since Moose’s Impact debut and there have been new opportunities that popped up. These opportunities range from a new wrestling show with an existing company to a new company like AEW. However, all the hype didn’t faze Moose, and he kept focus as he built new moments on Impact.

The athlete also had a defining rivalry with Tommy Dreamer a while back, which brought his legacy full circle before the fans’ eyes. During that rivalry, Dreamer pushed Moose to the limit physically and emotionally. It also made building a legacy that much more important to Moose as he continues his journey in Impact Wrestling.

Moose has asserted himself in Impact Wrestling and made it his home. He does not need a title (or even a sanctioned title for that matter) to make himself a top wrestler there. He is not known for having a rich championship resume like others. He has held the defunct Impact Grand Championship twice and is officially listed as a one-time TNA World Champion.

Kenny Omega took the Impact Wrestling World Title away and shook things up within the company. Omega has put a chokehold on the wrestling world, as he has collected belts from various companies. This has included the Impact World Championship, a title that has alluded Moose his whole career.

It has taken this unique rivalry to a new level, with Moose being there for years and seeing Kenny Omega kick his feet up and show up whenever without having to worry about his world title being lost.

This has disrupted the flow of Impact Wrestling, with everyone, no matter their standing or rivalry, all wanting the Impact World Championship back where it belongs. Gaining it back will not be an easy thing, as Moose seems to not only be battling Omega, but also an overall system that has taken form in the wrestling world.

It is never as simple as Omega having a world title, the wildcard is the fact that Omega has made a new order with himself at the top and support from  Don Callis.

This chokehold has taken notice, with X-Division Champion Josh Alexander proclaiming on the most recent episode of Impact that he’s at the top until the world title comes back home. This was said after he fought a war against TJP in an ironman match to defend his title.

With Omega holding the Impact World Title, the belt is held hostage by an AEW talent, rather than being in a competitive championship reign. This adds to the importance of bringing a title back home to restore the order so Impact Wrestling can flow, and Moose is the perfect contender to win it all.

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Moose’s pursuit to bring the championship back home will be a notch in his legacy since he would not only bring the championship back home, but it would be his first Impact World Championship win in his storied career.

Against all Odds is coming up fast, and Moose has homecourt advantage as he faces Kenny Omega for the Impact Wrestling world championship. Tune in to see if Moose can break the grip Kenny Omega has on Impact Wrestling or if Omega will tighten it even more.