Bayley reflects on the pandemic era wrestling in WWE

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Bayley was the last of the Four Horsewomen to make it to the main roster and initially struggled to find her footing on the main roster. However, that time is behind her as she has established herself as one of the pillars of women’s wrestling throughout the promotion. Some of her best work came during the COVID-19 era where she was the focal point for much of the WWE programming. She spoke to Alistair McGeorge of Metro UK about that time and what could be coming next for her.

COVID-19 forced the majority of the wrestling world to a standstill. WWE was still able to put on weekly shows but had to make sudden adjustments to having a portion of their roster. Bayley, along with names like Asuka, Drew McIntyre, Zelina Vega, and Andrade was pushed to the forefront – often appearing on multiple shows throughout the week. Bayley’s storyline with Sasha Banks was the focal point for much of that time, as the two ladies were not only featured in the most-watched wrestling segment in recent memory, but their presence on NXT helped push that brand to win a few weeks in the rating’s “war” against AEW.

The COVID-19 and ThunderDome Era may be known as the “Bayley Era” when historians look back.

“I am gonna miss that,” Bayley said as WWE prepares to welcome back fans in a few weeks. “I just feel grateful that WWE gave me the opportunity to show a different side to me and show that I can be so much more. I’ve been having the best time!”

Some of those times include Bayley’s constant jabs at Michael Cole. She and Cole have had an on-air animosity that leans into comedy at the most random moments. It is impossible to put anything past the WWE, but Bayley is still pushing for the idea of those two to meet in the ring.

“I don’t know if people realize it or they think I’m doing it just for fun – which it is fun, to give Cole crap. But I can literally hear them,” Bayley said. “They’re 10 feet away from me in an empty arena, so I can hear everything he’s saying, so it just felt fitting to respond to it. Why not?”

The question of “what’s next,” for Bayley shines through currently. Bianca Belair is standing front and center for SmackDown, as she rightfully should. Fans want to see Banks return at some point to face her, perhaps as a featured bout for SummerSlam. Bayley could continue to be the established veteran that continues to build up new names that are looking to make their way to the main event picture. Perhaps a brief feud with the likes of Liv Morgan or another debuting name from NXT would help all parties involved. Or what about a brief return to NXT for Bayley, as a slew of fresh matchups could await her there.

“I’ve just had so much fun being creative with it, and just trying to be different than everybody else – in whatever way that is, whether it’s my hair, or whether it’s my gear, the way I talk, my facial expressions,” Bayley said. “I keep learning and watching myself do little things that are different so I can separate myself from the pack.”

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Bayley has already separated herself from the pack, but her continued chase of greatness will make it enjoyable to watch what is next for her career.