WWE Raw: The New Day defeat Bobby Lashley and MVP

The New Day, WWE (photo courtesy of WWE)
The New Day, WWE (photo courtesy of WWE) /

The Fourth of July celebrations were winding down, but that did not stop yet another episode of WWE Monday Night Raw. This weeks’ worth of content featured a big, announced tag team battle between The New Day taking on Bobby Lashley and MVP. That, along with much more, was to occur as the promotion moved closer to the WWE Money in the Bank PPV special.

The first match of the night featured John Morrison taking on Ricochet in a rematch from last week. The two men came out of the gates throwing punches before Ricochet dropped Morrison in the corner. Ricochet was in control early in the match, grounding Morrison with shots to his back. It was not long before Morrison was in control, using the bottom rope to injure Ricochet’s throat.

With the pace slowed down, Morrison was able to focus on Ricochet’s neck. Outside the ring, Morrison countered Ricochet’s use of The Miz in the wheelchair again, hitting him with a powerbomb onto the barricade. Morrison was in firm control from that point, even stopping Ricochet from fighting out of the corner. Ricochet battled back until Morrison landed a Spanish Fly for a two-count.

Morrison tied Ricochet up and hammered away on his rips, then slammed him into the corner, continuing to work him over. Ricochet countered out of the corner with a Tornado DDT to give himself some space. Morrison nearly pinned Ricochet with a unique counter to a kick. Ricochet hit an over-the-top-rope plancha onto Morrison and they both crashed onto the floor. Morrison was able to roll back into the ring before the ten-count, giving Morrison the victory.

John Morrison defeated Ricochet via count-out.

Eight women’s tag team action was up next. Alexa Bliss, Nikki Ash, Naomi, and Asuka took on Nia Jax, Shayna Baszler, Eva Marie, and Doudrop.

Naomi and Doudrop were to face off but Marie made the tag to bring herself in. After landing one punch she immediately tagged out and Naomi too advantage of that moment, knocking the entire team off the apron.

Bliss and Doudrop squared off until Ash made the tag, only to get tossed onto her back. Asuka then came in while Doudrop was on one knee, laying in kicks until she was also flattened with a head butt. Baszler was brought in to continue attacking Asuka, mounting her with punches. Asuka was isolated on the wrong side of the ring, as the four opponents took turns assaulting her.

Asuka fought back into dueling arm bars with Baszler. She made the tag to Naomi and together they nearly won the match until Doudrop made the save. Ash attempted to pin Baszler but Jax was the legal woman. She would eat a big Samoan Drop and the victory was secured.

Nia Jax, Shayna Baszler, Eva Marie, and Doudrop won via pinfall.

Mustafa Ali was up next for singles action against Mansoor.

They started off grappling with Ali getting the early advantage. He even used a front headlock to keep Mansoor on the mat, but it was not enough to put him away. Mansoor would drop Ali with a clothesline before going on a run that ended with a potential pin. Ali was tied up in the ropes and Mansoor helped him out of the situation, only to get pinned for his trouble in a roll up.

Mustafa Ali defeated Mansoor via pinfall.

Drew McIntyre and Jinder Mahal found themselves in singles action.

The two big men locked up with McIntyre getting the early advantage knocking Mahal to the ground with a shoulder block. Mahal was on the back foot for much of the initial phases of the match before hitting a suplex to take over. McIntyre made the mistake of following Mahal outside the ring where he ate a shot to the throat and a suplex onto the commentary table.

Mahal was in firm control at that point, smashing forearm shots into the back of McIntyre’s head. But McIntyre would not stay down, throwing Mahal aside with suplexes before hitting a neck breaker of his own. Mahal countered into an attempt at the Khallas. McIntyre looked to hit the Claymore but Veer and Shanky jumped into the ring to attack, causing the disqualification.

Drew McIntyre defeated Jinder Mahal via disqualification.

The Lucha House Party took on Mace and T-Bar in tag team action.

Lince Dorado and T-Bar started off with Dorado using his speed to stay out in front of the bigger man. Dorado attempted a cross body but was caught in mid-air. T-Bar chucked him outside the ring before giving Gran Metalik a boot to the face. Dorado was in trouble but was able to kick out of the pin attempt after taking a big boot to his own face.

They went to hit High Justice but Metalik made the save. T-Bar tossed him from the ring but turned around into a Hurricanrana into a pin attempt and the victory for the Lucha House Party.

Lucha House Party defeated Mace and T-Bar via pinfall.

AJ Styles and Matt Riddle were in a single match up next.

Riddle came into the match with an injury to his right ankle. Styles went after that leg from the onset of the match. Styles was all over Riddle, not giving him any space, even attacking the knee. Riddle started to get some steam in his favor, but Styles kicked him in the leg to drop him back to the mat. Styles kept picking Riddle apart, tying his knee and foot up in the ropes.

Riddle went into the Crane Kick to knock Styles aloof, laying into him with body shots and a gut-wrench suplex. Riddle pulled himself up in the ropes but Omos swept his legs out from under him while the referee had his back turned. Riddle tried to fight back but a chop block cut that short. That was until Riddle rolled out of the Calf Crusher and hit a big knee to the face.

Riddle would even climb to the top rope for a moonsault but missed landing on his feet in pain. He tried to hit a fireman’s carry but could not do it. Styles countered into a modified burning hammer of his own, but Riddle kicked out again.

The Viking Raiders appeared outside the ring and that created enough of a distraction for Riddle to roll up Styles for the pinfall.

Matt Riddle defeated AJ Styles via pinfall.

Elias and Cedric Alexander were teamed together to face off against Jaxson Ryker and R-Truth. Truth left Ryker by himself after chasing after the others who wanted to pin Akira Tozawa.

Alexander used that opening to attack Ryker, but Elias refused to tag in, walking away from his partner as well. Ryker then hit a Sidewalk Slam on Alexander to pick up the win.

Jaxson Ryker and R-Truth defeated Elias and Cedric Alexander.

The New Day faced off against Bobby Lashley and MVP in tag action for the main event.

Xavier Woods and MVP started things off. MVP was not here for Woods’s games, knocking him to the mat with a firm push before attacking his midsection. Woods went after MVP’s knee, tagging in Kingston as they continued working on his leg. Lashley got the tag and brought the pain to Kingston immediately. Lashley attempted to hit a Dominator but Kingston fought out before kicking Lashley in the face. But Kingston ended up slammed to the mat for his troubles.

MVP was thrown into The New Day corner where he was stomped on repeatedly before being tossed from the ring. Kingston followed that up with a Yolo dive to the outside onto Lashley. But that did not stop Lashley from continuing his domination of both men. Even MVP got in on the action but Kingston started rolling to swing the momentum back in their favor.

MVP landed a big clothesline that cut Kingston’s rally short, tagging back out to Lashley. Woods made a save but was tossed from the ring for his help. Kingston landed the Trouble in Paradise on Lashley, while Woods took out Lashley when he fell outside the ring. Kingston countered the Playmaker in the Trouble in Paradise on MVP, pinning him to get the win.

The New Day defeated Bobby Lashley and MVP via pinfall.