NXT Great American Bash Results: MSK and LA Knight retain

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NXT presented the Great American Bash for this week’s edition of the show. There was a big tag team title match with MSK defending against Tommaso Ciampa and Timothy Thatcher. Plus, Adam Cole and Kyle O’Reilly were meeting in what was expected to be a violent main event rematch.

The night started off with MSK’s title defense against Ciampa and Thatcher. This match was as brutal as advertised, with MSK bringing a newfound intensity to the contest.

The match starts off with some high paced offense from MSK, but things slow down once Thatcher took control. He and Ciampa looked to keep the duo on the mat with some sound grappling and that strategy worked out well. MSK had their own points of offense and eventually took over, switching out using frequent tags.

Things continued to heat up until the final stretch as both teams looking like they were poised to pick up the victory. Wes Lee and Nash Carter hit back-to-back top rope moves on Ciampa, but he kicked out again, barely surviving. Things looked like they were heading for an and when Ciampa hit the Fairy Tale Ending on Lee, with Thatcher locking in an ankle lock. Before Lee could submit, Carter pushed Ciampa backwards, causing him to fall into his partner. In the confusion, Lee rolled up Thatcher to pick up the victory and retain their titles.

MSK defeated Tommaso Ciampa and Timothy Thatcher via pinfall to retain the NXT Tag Team titles.

LA Knight defended the Million Dollar Title against Cameron Grimes, with a special stipulation that if Grimes loses, he is meant to be Knight’s butler for the undetermined future.

Grimes did not get started off slowly at all. He pounced right on Knight, knocking him from the ring and then hitting a big cross body off the top once back inside. Grimes continued to roll early in the match, but Knight kicked out of every pinfall. The animosity was clear as Grimes even started to rub his knuckles in Knight’s face while holding a headlock.

Knight swung things in his way after running Grimes’s face first into the turnbuckle, before planting him with a slam in the ring. Grimes would not be denied early in the match, landing a unique version of the sidewalk slam, but Knight kicked out once again. Knight took over once again as the frustration continued to mount.

Grimes planted Knight with a Poisonrana, but still could not pick up the victory. Grimes was nearly counted out but found a way back into the ring, only to get dropped flat on his face and pinned by Knight to retain the Million Dollar title.

LA Knight defeated Cameron Grimes via pinfall to retain the Million Dollar title.

The NXT Women’s Tag Team titles were up for grabs next. Zoey Stark and Io Shirai paired to challenge The Way.

Shirai and Indi Hartwell started things off. Shirai was rolling early, with her experience at the forefront against the younger Hartwell. Candice LeRae came into the ring to take over as she and Shirai have a long history. Shirai was able to halt their momentum, eventually getting the tag out to Stark.

Stark came in with momentum but she was cutoff with Hartwell sent her spilling to the outside of the ring. Stark was in trouble as The Way attempted to isolate her on their side of the ring, but Stark got away and made the tag to Shirai. Shirai was rolling until she missed the moonsault, allowing LeRae to roll into the Gargano Escape. Shirai rolled through, forcing Hartwell to break up the pin attempt.

Shirai nearly surprised LeRae with a rollup, but the champion found a way to kick out. Midway through the match the lights went out and the arena was turned green as Tegan Nox returned. Stark hit a big knee to Hartwell’s face and made the pinfall to pick up the win and become tag team champions.

Zoey Stark and Io Shirai defeated The Way via pinfall to become the NXT Women’s Tag Team Champions.

The main event of the night brought Adam Cole and Kyle O’Reilly back together in the ring for another singles match.

O’Reilly went right to the grappling game to get the advantage, but Cole countered into an early pinfall. The two men continued to exchange positions with O’Reilly going for an armbar then transitioning into an ankle lock. Cole continued to get knocked reeling after more strikes hit square to his chest. But a neck breaker outside the ring allowed him to slow down O’Reilly for the first time in the match.

Cole got some of the momentum back in his favor when they returned to the ring. O’Reilly came back though, landing multiple strikes to Cole and dropping him, forcing Cole to retreat to the corner. He transitioned into some unique offense, hitting two double underhook suplexes into a DDT. Cole was able to get under O’Reilly’s skin, causing him to make a mistake and create a target on his legs.

Cole and O’Reilly ended up exchanging stiff forearms in the ring, with Cole being rocked until he landed a knee that nearly sent O’Reilly out of the ring. Cole landed a chop block to another knee but O’Reilly kicked out at two. Both men continued to pummel each other as the fans cheered. O’Reilly rolled into the Imanari Roll but Cole countered the heel hook into a figure four.

Cole sent O’Reilly out the ring and hit a Panama Sunrise on the floor, but O’Reilly get his foot up on the ropes at the last moment. O’Reilly hit a brain buster in the middle of the ring, before going up top but missed the knee. Cole answered with the Last Shot but O’Reilly kicked out at the final moment. O’Reilly countered another Panama Sunrise but hurt his knee. He could not stop the second and Cole finished him off with The Last Shot to get the victory.

Adam Cole defeated Kyle O’Reilly via pinfall.