WWE: Is Chad Gable the most misutilized talent on the roster?

WWE, Chad Gable (Photo by Sylvain Lefevre/Getty Images)
WWE, Chad Gable (Photo by Sylvain Lefevre/Getty Images) /

The depth within the WWE roster is astounding. If any team in professional sports had the level of talent within one organization like that within the WWE, that team would win a championship every year. This is why it is so tiring when the promotion refuses to utilize talent in any meaningful fashion. Chad Gable is an individual who stands out as someone that could be leveraged in a much better way than he is currently, and in many ways, might be the most miss-utilized talent on the roster.

Anytime Chad Gable is given the opportunity to wrestle a match fans are reminded of the talent that he carries. His move set combines grappling, with the high energy pace that someone like Owen Hart presented during his time in the ring. He may not have a catalog of singles matches to brag out within the WWE, but he is shown those flashes as a tag team specialist.

Beyond that, he is shown that his character work has improved as well. He went from being the assumed second behind Jason Jordan, to being an individual that can work both as a heel and as a face. While showing that you can work a comedy angle is dangerous for WWE wrestlers, Gable has even tapped into that space during this tag team run with Otis.

WWE has a drastic need to build new names that fans want to get behind. Edge as Roman Reigns’s top contender does not cause the excitement many thought it would upon his return. Drew McIntyre has worn out his welcome at the top of the ladder over on Monday Night Raw as well. Fans are tired of seeing the same four to five men challenging for the top spots on the main roster. Is Gable a clear answer to the problem? Potentially, but that could come with a steady build and meaningful storylines – two things that WWE has struggled to do in the last few years.

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Fightful Select dropped a news update on Gable’s current WWE contract that still has “plenty of time left on it.” But the interesting tidbit was that many individuals within AEW would push for him hard to join that company the moment his time with the WWE was over. Gable’s talent is recognized by both fans of his work and his peers in the ring. Here is to hope that the WWE does the same before he becomes yet another name added to the list of “misses,” that have come through the WWE’s doors.