Ring of Honor Best in the World 2021 Results: New ROH World Champion Crowned

Wrestling (Photo by Etsuo Hara/Getty Images)
Wrestling (Photo by Etsuo Hara/Getty Images) /

Ring of Honor hosted its first show with fans since the pandemic and it was a newsworthy night for the Honor Club. With a stacked card, including 5 Championship Matches, it was a night of fast action highlighting the best the company has to offer. Here are the results for Best in the World 2021.

Hour One

Rey Horus vs Demonic Flamita

Kicking off the show was the Lucha Libre style of Horus & Flamita. These 2 wrestlers have been feuding since MexiSquad split and they had a match to highlight their abilities in the ring. Demonic Flamita proved to be a smart but despicable figure as he did a lot of great heel work in this match, including a specifically great spot where he faked going for an elbow, only for him to follow with a punch to the face of Horus.


The two former Trios Champions continue to do a ton of flip-based maneuvers to wear each other down but Rey Horus managed to get the surprise win after reversing Flamita’s powerbomb attempt to a sunset flip for the pinfall win.

Rey Horus defeats Demonic Flamita via Pinfall.

Matt Taven – Vincent Contract Signing

After the opening match, we got an in-ring segment involving Matt Taven & Vincent, in which Matt Taven tried to negotiate into making a stipulation where he would leave Ring of Honor no matter the result of their match. Vincent countered his offer by saying that if he beat Taven, he would take his Title opportunity. They got into a brawl and Righteous, the faction led by Vincent, attacked Matt Taven, where they threw him into the Taven-themed ladder in the ring. To be perfectly honest, this segment could have been best if it was put on Television.

Vincent will wrestle against Matt Taven in a Steel Cage Match on August 21.


Danhausen & PCO vs The Bouncers

Danhausen was immediately over with the Baltimore crowd, as he was beloved for his work on Ring of Honor and his Social Media antics. The Bouncers double-teamed the Internet Nuisance as soon as the match started, which led to the hot-tag of PCO. This was a short but simple match, with both teams providing some interesting offense throughout, and was a good crowd-pleaser. PCO & Danhausen got the win after the veteran, PCO, hit a picture-perfect Moonsault and pinned BCB for the win.

Danhausen & PCO defeat The Bouncers via Pinfall.

Main Show

PJ Black & Brian Johnson vs The Briscoes

Continuing the Tag Team Action was the bout between The Briscoes and the team of PJ Black & The Mecca, Brian Johnson. Much like Danhausen, the audience came alive when the former Tag Team Champions made their way to the ring which made the match feel bigger because of it.

The team of the Mecca and the Darewolf had some great offense, including a cutter to a 450 Splash combination, but the result was never in doubt as The Briscoes were highlighted the most on the match. Jay Briscoe hit the Jay Driller, which was followed by Mark Briscoe hitting his signature elbow, the Froggy-Bow, for the brothers to take the win.

The Briscoes defeat PJ Black & Brian Johnson via Pinfall.

Flip Gordon vs EC3

Up next was the heated match between Flip Gordon & EC3. This started off hot as Flip Gordon locked up EC3 on a headlock following the traditional handshake at the beginning of the match, which was reversed with a shoulder block by EC3 after he sent him running to the ropes.

Much like the previous match, the outcome of the match was never put into question as EC3 is building momentum to become a big star within the promotion, but Flip Gordon gave a good fight to sell the audience a ticket that he could possibly win. In the end, EC3 managed to end the match with a Crossface for the submission win. After the match, Flip Gordon rejected EC3’s handshake request by slapping him in the face and spitting on him, which is not ideal considering we are just exiting a pandemic.

EC3 defeats Flip Gordon via Submission. 

ROH World Six-Man Tag Team Championship Match: Shane Taylor Promotions (Shane Taylor & Soldiers of Savagery (Kaun & Moses)) (c) vs Dak Draper, Dalton Castle & Eli Isom

Next up was the battle for the ROH Six-Man Tag Team Championships pitting the champions, Shane Taylor Promotions, against the team of Dak Draper, Dalton Castle & Eli Isom. This match was exactly what you expect from the 6 wrestlers, as the Challengers did some good chain wrestling while the Champions shined with their power and their outrageous feats of agility and speed, including an insane Summersault by Moses to the outside. Shane Taylor hit Dak Draper with a Package Piledriver for the win and the title retention.

Shane Taylor Promotions defeat Dak Draper, Dalton Castle & Eli Isom via Pinfall, Retain the ROH World Six-Man Tag Team Championships.

Silas Young vs Josh Woods: Last Man Standing Match

Silas Young & Josh Woods had a hard-hitting affair to settle their Master vs Apprentice Feud in a Last Man Standing Match, which started fast as Josh Woods attacked Silas Young from behind while the Chikara veteran made his entrance. Silas Young was in control for a good portion of the match, including pushing Woods into a setup table and hitting him with multiple chair shots. Woods change the route of the match after he power bombed Young through a Ladder set on ringside.

Josh Wood would end up getting the best out of Young after he applied a German Supplex to his former mentor from the ring to a stack of tables set outside the ring, and leaving him laying for the count of 10.

Josh Woods defeats Silas Young via Young not answering the count.


Jay Lethal vs Brodie King

The following match was that of Jay Lethal vs Brodie King. King obliterated the former 3-time Ring of Honor Champion, beating him in gruesome fashion after kicking out at One from the Lethal Injection. In desperation at this, Lethal hit King with multiple Suicide Dives on the outside and a kick, but Brodie King took over the match completely. The result was foregone after King hit a Crossbody on Lethal into the Barricade, which he followed by hitting the former Champion with two Gonzo Bombs for the win. Brodie King looked like a monster and is one of the top-ranked challengers for the Ring Of Honor Championship.

Brody King defeated Jay Lethal via Pinfall. 

ROH Pure Championship Match: Jonathan Gresham (c) vs Mike Bennett

To the surprise of no one, Jonathan Gresham and Mike Bennett had a sensational Pure-Rules Match for the ROH Pure Championship. The two managed some technical mastery inside and outside the ring, including a spot where Gresham locked a Kimura Lock on Bennett on the outside. This part set the tone of the match, as Bennett’s strength advantage was neutralized after Gresham severely damaged the shoulder of the former 205 Live Superstar. Despite this, Mike Bennett managed to fire back at the Champion, including him getting the 3 count pin on the Champion; despite this, Gresham made it into a near fall as he used his Third and Final Rope Break to help him stay alive in the match.


After this, the Champion hit the challenger with a PK and made it into some sort of a modified Knee-bar, which was enough for Bennett to tap out and for Gresham to remain Champion. After the match, the two wrestlers shook hands in a sign of mutual respect, which was warranted because of how much they went through.

Jonathan Gresham defeats Mike Bennett via Submission, retains ROH Pure Championship.

ROH Television Championship Match: Tony Deppen (C) vs. Dragon Lee

Next up was a match between Tony Deppen and Dragon Lee for the ROH Television Championship. As soon as the bell rings, the two competitors brawled intensely, which lead to the Champion doing the spot of the night after hitting Lee with a combination of a Suicide Dive and a Canadian Destroyer.


They continued to beat each other up endlessly, doing multiple spots where it seemed that Deppen had the match won, only for Lee to kick out and continue to fight. In the end, Dragon Lee hit Deppen with a nasty clothesline and finished him with Incineration for the pinfall win, regaining the ROH TV Championship.

Dragon Lee defeats Tony Deppen via Pinfall, wins the ROH Television Championship.

ROH World Tag Team Championship Fight Without Honor Match: Jonathan Gresham & Rhett Titus (c) vs Violence Unlimited (Homicide & Chris Dickinson).

Immediately after the TV Title Match, we got the Fight Without Honor Match pitting The Foundation against the team of Violence Unlimited. Prior to the match, Jonathan Gresham took the place of Jay Lethal in the match due to Lethal not being cleared by the doctors, leading to the Pure Champion pulling double duty tonight. This was a showcase match for Dickinson, who shined the most by doing a handful of big man moves, including a spot where he prevented Homicide from tapping out by throwing Rhett Titus into Gresham to stop the hold.

The two teams brought everything in their arsenal, but Dickinson’s power was the deciding factor as he set up the path to victory for Violence Unlimited to win the gold after he hit a Razor’s Edge on Titus from the middle rope into a set-up table. Homicide would hit the Vertabreaker on Gresham for the pinfall win and gaining the ROH Tag Team Championships.

Violence Unlimited defeats The Foundation via Pinfall, winning the ROH Tag Team Championships. 

Women’s Championship Tournament Announcement.

After the match, we got a segment involving Lenny Leonard and Maria Kanellis unveiling the ROH Women’s Championship. In this segment, it was announced that Chelsea Green will take the place of Vita in the Women’s Championship Tournament. Green was released by WWE back on April 15, making Final Battle her first post-WWE appearance.

Main Event

ROH World Heavyweight Championship: Rush (c) vs Bandido

In a night that started with two Mexican Wrestlers shining on the international stage, it was fitting that we ended the night with two Mexican wrestlers also shining on the international stage, as Champion Rush wrestled against Challenger Bandido in an anticipated Match. The match started with Rush hitting a running dropkick and The Bull’s Horns, but rather than pinning Bandido, he went on and tried to break him in a long fashion. This match was all drama, and Bandido made the audience rally with him with his sensational selling, which is outrageous to think about since the only part of the face we get to see in his mask is his eyes. Rush dragged him down, but Bandido constantly came back up and continued to fight and Rush had to resort to dubious tactics to keep the Most Wanted Man down, including an insane belly-to-belly suplex to a stack of tables on the outside.

After this, Rush ripped the challenger’s mask from the top of his dome, which got all the heat from the fans and the dragging from the referee, but Bandido got him with a surprise Clutch pin for the win. Rush had the match won at the beginning, but he decided to extend the beat down and it cost him what is most precious to the leader of La Facción Ingobernable. LFI came down to beat down Bandido after the match, but it did not matter as Bandido won the gold. After being released from his CMLL contract due to him building his gym and promoting a wrestling show the company did not allow for him to be in, Bandido got the last laugh and is now the Ring of Honor World Heavyweight Champion.

Bandido defeats Rush via Pinfall, wins ROH World Heavyweight Championship

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