WWE NXT Results: Karrion Kross defeated Johnny Gargano

Karrion Kross, WWE (photo courtesy of WWE)
Karrion Kross, WWE (photo courtesy of WWE) /

With The Great American Bash in the rearview, WWE NXT moved on with another edition of the Tuesday night show. This week featured a huge matchup between Johnny Gargano and Karrion Kross, but they were the only talking points at the end of the evening.

The first match of the night featured women’s one-on-one action as Dakota Kai and Ember Moon met once again.

Moon and Kai look up after giving each other some verbal jousting. Moon goes on the offensive first with a takedown, but Kai quickly counters into a triangle. They go back and forth, but Moon gets the better of the counters, hitting an arm drag to get the advantage.

Kai hits a running kick into the corner and goes for the pin to only get the two count. Kai remains in control and once Moon fights back, Kai goes outside the ring where Moon follows with a suicide dive. Kai uses some underhanded tactics, but Moon is prepared and fights out of the bad position before returning to the ring.

Kai is firmly in control until Moon kicks up after a snap suplex. Moon is fired up at this point, continuing to string together offense that culminates into a crossbody for a two count. Now they are exchanging pin attempts but Moon continues to kick out. They exchange forearms at the end of their offensive chains but Kai picks up the victory when she pulls Moon back into the ring and right into the GTK.

Dakota Kai defeated Ember Moon via pinfall.

Tyler Rust of Diamond Mine and Bobby Fish are out next for a singles match.

Rust was firmly in control for much of this match. He starts things off with a back suplex, followed by some groundwork. Fish fights back, unloading on Rust with multiple strikes. He tosses Rust into the ropes with a modified suplex. Rust rolls outside the ring and Roderick Strong starts to taunt Fish from the outside. Rust uses that opportunity to hit a chop block on Fish, followed by a kick to the head to pick up the victory.

Tyler Rust defeated Bobby Fish via pinfall.

Gigi Dolin challenged Sarray to singles action in the next match.

They shake hands to start the match. Sarray takes control early with two headlock takedowns. Dolin is still game in the match but both women are distracted when Mandy Rose appears on the ramp. Sarray uses that opportunity to take control, but Dolin does not go away, hitting a suplex of her own and rolling Sarray up for a two count.

Dolin lands an STO but gets another two count. Sarray answers with a dropkick, and then a second dropkick with Dolin in the ropes, snapping her head back. Dolin stands up and gets hit with a modified suplex from Sarray who makes the pin for the win.

Sarray defeated Gigi Dolin via pinfall.

Santos Escobar took on Dexter Lumis in a singles match with the rest of Legado del Fantasma at ringside.

The match started with Lumis staring at Escobar, not flinching at the former NXT cruiserweight champion. Escobar stomped on his knee to get things rolling, following up with a shoulder block. Lumis answers with a Thesz Press with strikes to the face. He then crawls around the ring and goes under the apron. He pops out on the other end to startle all the members of Legado del Fantasma.

Escobar then went for the three amigos but before he could hit the third suplex, Lumis countered. Escobar turned it into a backstabber, but when he went to continue his offense, Lumis answered with a big clothesline.

Lumis started to rain down punches, knocking Escobar to the ground over and over. He capped it off with a clothesline into the corner and bulldog combination. Lumis was rolling until he was distracted by Legado, allowing Escobar to get back on the offense, hitting the Phantom Driver for the win.

Santos Escobar defeated Dexter Lumis via pinfall.

The first round of the NXT Breakout Tournament kicked off next with Ikemen Jiro taking on Duke Hudson.

Hudson’s power came into play early, but Jiro did not let that stop him in the match. Jiro was moving around the ring quickly until Hudson caught him in his arms, kicking Jiro in the face, dropping him over the top rope, and finishing him with a shot to the face. Hudson then pushed him back into the corner and laid into him with repeated blows.

Jiro eventually fought back, hitting the tarantula in the corner. But when he tried to jump back in Hudson caught him and hit a suplex. Hudson was going for a Razor’s Edge but Jiro countered into a head scissors takedown. He would follow up with a blockbuster before Hudson rolled outside the ring. Jiro followed him with a springboard moonsault. Jiro charged in again but Hudson caught him with the Boss Man Slam to pick up the victory.

Duke Hudson defeated Ikemen Jiro via pinfall to move on to the second round of the NXT Breakout Tournament.

Women’s tag team action was up next. Jessi Kamea and Aliyah took on Kayden Carter and Kacy Catanzaro.

Kamea started off with a big push kick to Catanzaro, knocking her across the ring. Catanzaro found herself isolated on the wrong side of the ring for the early going of the match. Catanzaro finally made the effort to tag Carter who came in a laid-out Aliyah.

Kamea was tossed outside the ring where Catanzaro hit a crossbody on her. Carter tagged in Catanzaro who hit a 450 combined with a neck breaker on Aliyah to pick up the victory.

Kayden Carter and Kacy Catanzaro defeated Aliyah and Jessi Kamea via pinfall.

The main event of the evening was Karrion Kross against Johnny Gargano.

Gargano jumps on Kross before the bell sounds but it was not long before Kross’s power took over. He tossed Gargano with a Saito suplex and the beating began. Gargano fired back, knocking Kross from the ring and hitting him with a dropkick then a rolling senton to the floor. Kross immediately followed him and slammed Gargano back first into the announce table.

Back in the ring where Gargano took over the match. He knocked Kross outside again and hit a suicide dive to knock him into the barricade. Gargano went for the One Final Beat, but Kross countered into a Northern Lights Suplex, followed by a vertical suplex for a two count. Kross went for a suplex off the top but Gargano countered. Before Gargano could get rolling, Kross laid him out with a clothesline. Gargano landed a tornado DDT but once again ended with a two count.

Kross went for the cross jacket, but Gargano countered into the Gargano Escape. Kross locked in the cross jacket again and Gargano nearly faded out but grabbed onto the bottom rope. Joe snatched Kross off Gargano and the two faced off. Kross attempted to use the chairs but Joe stopped him again. While they faced off, Gargano hit a suicide DDT. He then hit the One Final Beat, but Kross kicked out at two.

Kross sidestepped a superkick, hitting a forearm to Gargano’s head. He then hit three powerbombs, another suplex, and plowed through him with a forearm to the head to pick up a win.

Karrion Kross defeated Johnny Gargano via pinfall.