WWE Raw: We need the Mansoor and Mustafa Ali tag team

WWE, Mustafa Ali Credit: WWE.com
WWE, Mustafa Ali Credit: WWE.com /

In recent weeks on Raw, Mustafa Ali has been seen advising and ultimately turning on Mansoor, but the two have an obvious chemistry that is making itself quite apparent to the WWE audience. Is there a possible tag team run for both of these extraordinary talents in the near future?

Prince Ali

Mustafa Ali is of Pakistani/Indian descent and was born in Bolingbrook, Illinois. His idols were the likes of Bret Hart, Eddie Guerrero, and Hayabusa among others. He wanted to wrestle from a very young age and got to it rather quickly, debuting almost two months shy of his 17th birthday. He wrestled on the independent circuit for years, finally landing a WWE contract in 2016.

When talking about young stars in the business, ones that have the skill and the mindset to make it far and have delivered on-screen and in the ring, Ali definitely merits being in the conversation.

He had quite a few opportunities and perhaps being part of Team Hogan at Crown Jewel (2019) was the best of these opportunities, as many of the others resulted in losses and his ultimate removal from TV.

Retribution was his next chance at stepping out of the shadow he had unfortunately been placed under, and one he couldn’t quite escape.

Retribution didn’t last all that long despite the fact that there were some that had high hopes for the faction. And perhaps that didn’t have all that much to do with the other members of the sextet which included Mace and T-Bar, Slapjack, Reckoning, and Retaliation, as much as it did for Mustafa Ali, who many feels is a wrestler that isn’t getting all he deserves out of his chance at WWE, as his brief bio shows above.

Of course, in WWE and in the world of professional wrestling overall, you make your own chances and opportunities, but Mustafa Ali sure hasn’t let up.

Mansoor’s once in a lifetime opportunity

Mansoor got his start at a try-out at the first-ever Saudi Arabia event, The Greatest Royal Rumble. Now say what you will about these Saudi Arabian events, but perhaps what transpired with Mansoor is exactly what’s good about these events. They get to find epic talents like Mansoor and bring the product to other parts of the world that love wrestling.

The shows themselves are a massive draw, not only in Saudi Arabia but here in North America as well. Not everyone is on board with the events in Audi Arabia however.

Mansoor was born in Saudi Arabia and was trained by The Stoner Brothers and Dory Funk Jr. He ran the gamut for independent territories. Some notable companies include Gold Rush Pro Wrestling, Best of the West Wrestling, All-Pro Wrestling, and a few others before being signed by WWE after his tryout in 2018. He is the first Saudi wrestler to ever work for WWE—in a performance capacity.

His rise has been interesting to watch and the challenges in WWE are certainly interesting, despite the new direction the company has taken and the many smaller physiques now present, he’s still being pressured by WWE to put on size, as was reported by WrestlingInc, which is a battle all its own, one we’re sure he’s up to.

The meeting ground for the two superstars

At first, Ali seemed to be trying to recruit Mansoor, filling him in on what he felt about the WWE Raw scene…essentially telling the younger man that the locker room was full of backstabbers and cheaters. Mansoor listened, but as the young are so capable of listening to these days, with judgment, a roll of the eyes, and a disregard for their experience. This led to Mansoor suffering a pinfall at the hands of Ali, but the end result didn’t come off as a backstab or betrayal, and even in the pinfall, it seemed as though Ali was trying to impart knowledge.

The Indo-Saudi scene in professional wrestling

For those of you who missed his run, Tiger Ali Singh wrestled in the Attitude Era, specifically from 1997 until 2002. He is considered wrestling royalty in Canada, as is his father, Tiger Jeet Singh.

The Great Khali had an incredible run, which culminated in a Hall of Fame ring that he so richly deserved for all his efforts in the business.

These men opened the doors wide open, as did the events in Saudi Arabia. Unfortunately, Tiger Ali Singh didn’t get the opportunities he deserved and we don’t want that to happen with Mansoor and Ali.

Where we go from here

Unfortunately, neither competitor was on Raw this week but we hope that this storyline gets pursued, as both men have loads to offer, and the story is intriguing, and we do hope that it leads to a tag team.

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As a tag team, we see them going far, and perhaps even for the tag titles. In Mansoor, perhaps Ali can garner the necessary partner he didn’t get with Retribution. Maybe in Mansoor, Ali has found someone he shares a deep affinity with…if he can only get out of his own head and listen to Mustafa that is.

“Taking the high road will only get you so far…” -Mustafa Ali