Money in the Bank: Five things that need to happen on the PPV

Big E, WWE (photo courtesy of WWE)
Big E, WWE (photo courtesy of WWE) /

The Money in the Bank pay-per-view is back and for the first time since WrestleMania 37, a live audience will be in attendance. This means there should be a ton of surprises as we head into SummerSlam season. All the focus will be on the outcomes of both ladder matches and rightfully so. However, these five things have to happen to top last year’s event.

These five things need to happen at the Money in the Bank pay per view

Last year’s Money in the Bank was the first of its kind, a cinematic showing. It was also the first time both ladder matches occured simultaneously. Hosting the ladder match at WWE headquarters was a welcome change of pace and provided a ton of memorable moments.

The outcomes, however, did not provide the usual allure. Asuka became Raw Women’s Champion the next night by nature of Becky Lynch’s maternity leave, and Otis winning the briefcase never panned out and the opportunity was subsequently given to The Miz. This year, with fans in attendance there’s a chance to create some big moments on the card.

No same-night cash-ins

This might be an unpopular opinion, but this is a necessary evil. The briefcase has tremendous value and the rules state superstars have a year to cash in. That time period helps build relevance for the holder and makes the eventual cash in more meaningful. If the cash-in happens in the same night, all of that build-up is erased.

Also, a same-night cash-in typically only happens with established stars. The booking surrounding this year’s event has been hit or miss, with creative picking and choosing when qualifying matches are needed. The last thing that needs to happen is a repeat of 2020 where the briefcases lose their meaning. Winning Money in the Bank presents opportunities to build new stars, and carrying around the briefcase for a period of time lends to developing their big moment.

“The Boss” is back

The SmackDown roster needs to add one more competitor to the women’s Money in the Bank match. Sasha Banks is the obvious choice, as she hasn’t been seen since losing to Bianca Belair in the WrestleMania 37 night one main event. Fresh off an ESPYs win for that same main event, Banks could certainly be ready to return now that the ThunderDome is no more. The current women’s Money in the Bank field features four other former champions, and Asuka and Alexa Bliss are the only past briefcase winners. While a rematch with Smackdown Women’s Champion will certainly happen at some point, entering the ladder match would be a good reintroduction for Banks. “Money in the Banks” has to happen.

Setting up big SummerSlam matchups

The likely main event for Money in the Bank will be Roman Reigns vs. Edge for the Universal Championship; the singles match that never was at this year’s WrestleMania. While the story of Edge returning to reclaim the title he never lost is a good one, it’s unlikely he leaves Sunday the Universal Champion.

SummerSlam is rumored to host the return of John Cena as Reigns’ next challenger. The tea leaves of Edge versus Seth Rollins have been sprouting as of late as well, with Edge reminding Rollins he hasn’t forgotten about 2014. Rollins has been vocal about his jealousy in not challenging Roman for the title.

Therefore, He should come up short in the ladder match and cost Edge his chance at becoming Universal Champion, thus kicking off their SummerSlam rivalry. Lastly, before “The Tribal Chief” gets too comfortable celebrating his win, the 16-time World champion should make an appearance to challenge “The Head of the Table. With fans in attendance, the pop for Cena at show’s close is too good to pass up.

Morgan in the bank

Outside of the Royal Rumble, the Money in the Bank pay per view is a prime opportunity to build new stars. In recent weeks there has been a focus on Liv Morgan overcoming the odds to qualify for the women’s Money in the Bank ladder match.

Morgan has defeated former champions and earned her way into the multi-woman match. While a case could certainly be made for each competitor, Morgan has yet to get a singles push. She was repackaged at the beginning of 2020 as part of the horrible Lana storyline. Later, she returned to the Riott Squad, but she never captured tag team gold.

WWE certainly has no fear in taking a chance on an unexpected Money in the Bank winner, for just a year ago they strapped the briefcase to Otis. Morgan capturing the briefcase could allow creative to continue building on her win streak and pull the trigger on a cash-in down the road.

Big E gets his moment

In terms of winning the title shot, there’s arguably no competitor more deserving in the men’s Money in the Bank field than Big E, having been in the company for over a decade and never getting a world title opportunity.

Those fortunes must change on Sunday, culminating a push that’s been recently thwarted. The separation of the New Day and moving Big E to SmackDown in a singles role was always supposed to lead to the world title picture. Now that Big E is no longer Intercontinental Champion, his direction has been in flux. E seemed to be heading for a rivalry with Aleister Black, but that was scrapped once Black became a victim of budget cuts.

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The briefcase accomplishes so much for Big E and gives him much-needed direction. If there were an opportunity for a same-night cash-in, this would be it. Assuming Kofi Kingston loses his match versus Bobby Lashley, E could then avenge his New Day brother, thus becoming the new WWE Champion and reuniting the New Day on the Raw brand.