Rui Hyugaji Makes History in Michinoku Pro Wrestling

Wrestling (Photo by Etsuo Hara/Getty Images)
Wrestling (Photo by Etsuo Hara/Getty Images) /

The  Tohoku Junior Heavyweight Championship is Michinoku Pro Wrestling’s singles title, and Rui Hyugaji has now held it longer than any other wrestler in the company’s history. Thursday, July 15 marks the date that Rui Hyugaji has been Tohoku Junior Heavyweight Champion for 551 days, making him the longest-reigning holder of the title.

The record was previously held by Manjimaru, who held the Tohoku Junior Heavyweight Championship for 550 days, before he was defeated by Rui Hyugaji, beginning Hyugaji’s second reign.

The Tohoku Junior Heavyweight Championship is a prestigious title that has existed since August 2002 with the distinction of having legends and well-known talents as part of its legacy such as The Great Sasuke, Dick Togo, and TAKA Michinoku.

Rui Hyugaji was trained at the Michinoku Pro Dojo and has been wrestling for 12 years. He is currently is in his third reign as Tohoku Junior Heavyweight Champion.

Rui Hyugaji does not have much time to celebrate, however, as he will put the Tohoku Junior Heavyweight Championship on the line against MUSASHI on July 17 at a Michinoku Pro event in Takizawa City.

MUSASHI is the man who Rui Hyugaji defeated on January 11, 2020 to begin his third -and now historical- reign. Not only does MUSASHI desire to reclaim the Tohoku Junior Heavyweight Championship, but their upcoming much will be an opportunity to potentially avenge his loss to Rui Hyugaji last year.

However,  Rui Hyugaji earned his position at the top of the Michinoku Pro mountain, and he has no plans on allowing MUSASHI to topple him from it. Rui Hyugaji and MUSASHI will cross paths again the next day, as they will be on opposing teams in a match at a Michinoku Pro event in Miyagi at the Sendai Hills Hotel Michinoku Hall.

The question is, will Ryu Hyagaji enter the Sendai Hills Hotel Michinoku Hall with the Tohoku Junior Heavyweight Championship and continuing his monumental reign? Or will MUSASHI arrive as the new champion, beginning a new era as champion?