NXT: Five NXT to Main Roster trades that need to happen

WWE, Adam Cole Credit: WWE.com
WWE, Adam Cole Credit: WWE.com /

The action over at NXT is unfolding at a breakneck pace, pun definitely intended, because they’re so near to breaking each other’s necks on that roster, and all for the reason of bringing epic action to the fans of the WWE Universe.

Such an influx of NXT stars have been making their way to SmackDown most recently: Shotzi, Tegan Nox, Toni Storm, and who can leave out Finn Bálor, who made his triumphant return to SmackDown and the main roster this past Friday? We take a look at just who else needs to make the move to the main roster, and ASAP.

This time, we hope some trades happen for Raw, though, as the program is in desperate need of a revitalization in the form of new talent breaking through the wall, so to speak.

So without wasting another nanosecond, let’s get to the list…

5. Ember Moon

She already had about a two year run on the main roster, with championship chances to boot, but when it comes to this dynamic athlete and incredible talent, one single chance is never enough. Besides, that run ended rather badly, as she injured her ankle and her future as a wrestler was definitely in question at the time. Thankfully for her fans, and for herself, she returned to NXT. But another main roster run is imminent, or rather it should be.

The possibilities are endless for this superstar who has been wowing audiences on NXT for years and now since her return to the NXT roster. During her first run, she was NXT Women’s Champion, and this time she and Shotzi took home the tag titles—the second ever team to win the newly established Women’s Tag Titles.

Epic dream confrontations for Ember on the main roster include: Charlotte Flair, Asuka, Bianca Belair and a rematch with Bayley once Bayley heals up. What about the returning Becky Lynch?

Endless, I told you…endless.

4. Tommaso Ciampa

Tommaso Ciampa has been on the main roster before. He actually started with the company way back in 2005 and had a run-in with none other than the Undertaker (oh yeah and he had hair back then and so did I).

After some time away, he came back to WWE a changed man. Now he has spent some time on the main roster, but very much like the aforementioned Moon, that surely wasn’t enough.

The epic battles he had with Gargano on NXT were enough for the older wrestling fans of the Attitude Era to come back and tune in to see the action unfold.

While we’re at it, let’s add Johnny Wrestling himself and Ciampa’s current tag team partner, Timothy Thatcher, the toothless wonder himself. Let’s say that these two can be considered honorable mentions.

3. Dexter Lumis

Dare I say it, but the man reminds me of Sycho Sid in character. That psychotic creepy guy that can do a great job of terrifying the faces and the heels—especially the heels—but the man has conviction enough to pull off any story line as he has proven since “InDex” has now become a “thing.”

Sorry to do this again, but how can we separate InDex, though, especially now that they’re just starting to flourish? Of all the things to do, we wouldn’t and never would we disappoint the epic, classy, genius and wonder woman of wrestling that is Beth Phoenix. So Indi Hartwell would have to go with Lumis as well. But she merits a run on her own accomplishments as well, so yes, she too is an honorable mention.

2. Franky Monet

Ok…so yes, she just got here, but like old J.R. used to say, this isn’t her first BBQ. She worked over at Impact and was with her husband, John Morrison, at that company, involved in many storylines.

First off, I’d like to say that she is an epic wrestler in her own right…powerful and athletic, but perhaps in this case, we’d like to see Monet on the main roster in a management capacity.

Bear with us…

With the rumor mill running rampant about John Morrison having a singles run and maybe splitting from The Miz, what better way to catapult and make Morrison other than having him face The Miz, with Maryse in Miz’s corner and Monet in Morrison’s?

We’re talking about months and months of a feud here, which can hopefully culminate in a match for Morrison for the title that has eluded him his entire career.

Wishful thinking?

Maybe, but it’s a solid idea, if we do say so ourselves. Monet would be the perfect missing piece of the puzzle.

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1. Adam Cole (Bay! Bay!)

This one here is quite obvious, and the energy this man carries out with him from the back when he comes out to The Capitol Wrestling Center can be cut with a knife. He needs to be on the main roster after all he has accomplished, and it couldn’t happen to a nicer human being—despite his character in the ring. The fact that it’s taken so long is certainly a wrestling tragedy.

Enough said, as his accolades definitely speak for themselves.

Well…we’ve certainly decimated the NXT roster, and if all these superstars were to come over to the main WWE shows, would anyone be left at NXT?

Not to worry, as NXT will make new superstars. They’re pretty good at that over there, it would most certainly seem.