Top 5 AEW wrestlers of 2021 so far – Men’s Edition

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I think it’s fair to say that AEW has handled the pandemic much better than any other promotion in the world. In these trying times with no fans where Raw and SmakDown are usually a pain to watch with some meager bright spots and even NXT’s struggling, AEW has consistently and definitively beaten WWE when it comes to fan satisfaction.

While no wrestling promotion can ever be deemed perfect and AEW face routine criticism by the likes of Jim Cornette, it’s undeniable that AEW has some of the best wrestling on the planet. What works most for AEW is that they have variety. Almost every single match on the weekly shows or the PPVs is a different style, so there’s usually something in each show for everyone.

Technical wrestling, Lucha Libre, Japanese strong style, hardcore death matches, story-driven matches, cinematic matches, comedic wrestling, the million moves per hour indie style, you name it. AEW shows have every aspect of pro-wrestling covered and they employ some of the very best pro-wrestlers to do it.

AEW is a well-oiled wrestling machine with all the parts moving smoothly. With Dark and Elevation along with Dynamite, and with so many YouTube vlogs, every single roster member and even enhancement talent have characters and feuds. Storylines bleed into one another and wins and losses matter.

Another thing admirable about AEW is that whenever they make a mistake, they immediately recognize it and try to rectify it. For example, Britt Baker wasn’t working as the top babyface or the “Face of the Women’s Division” so she was turned heel and now she’s the AEW Women’s champions and she is, in fact, the face of the Women’s division.

Hence, while it was difficult to pick 5 best wrestlers from WWE because nobody shined enough, this list was difficult because so many guys did so much that it was difficult to pick just 5. So, here are some honorable mentions.

Jon Moxley, Orange Cassidy, and Chris Jericho. Rey Fenix, who almost solely represents the high-flying Lucha Libre part of AEW, and God’s favourite champion Miro. And this might be a spoiler, but Matt Jackson for being one-half of the best tag team in the world.

There’ll also be a Women’s piece for AEW so stick around for that.

Here are the 5 best male AEW of 2021.