Franky Monet taking over the Robert Stone Brand is the right move /

NXT is not only the proving ground for new talent in the WWE, it’s the place where new gimmicks, factions, and more get tested out on an audience of hardcore pro wrestling fans.

That has certainly been the case with Franky Monet. Working for years in Mexico, on the indies, and in Impact as Taya Valkyrie, changing her gimmick was a risky gambit, to say the least. But Valkyrie is a seasoned professional and has made it into must-see TV.

But things have gone a step further. For weeks, Monet has been building up to a hostile takeover of the Robert Stone Brand. All but complete, Monet heading up this group and turning it into an all-women’s faction might be the best move NXT could make right now.

The Robert Stone Brand

Known by many names, Robert Stone has been in the business since 2000. At this point, the man is a 20+ year veteran of the industry. Primarily known for his work on the indies and TNA, he rejoined WWE in 2019 as part of NXT.

But rather than wresting, Stone has been working as a manager for a seemingly endless list of wrestlers. It started with Rinku Singh and Saurav Gurjar. Following that, his stable grew to include Riddick Moss and Dan Matha.

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None of this was consistent, though. Suddenly, he was managing Chelsea Green who quickly dropped him. After months of wandering NXT as a disheveled mess, he signed Aliyah, Mercedes Martinez, and Jessi Kamea. Briefly, of course.

Now, the only person left is Jessi Kamea. Mercedes Martinez dropped him and Aliyah recently did the same after kicking his butt. The simple reality is that the so-called Robert Stone Brand has never been consistent enough to be considered an actual force in NXT.

Franky Monet debuts

Better known as Taya Valkyrie, Franky Monet debuted as a wrestler in 2010 after being trained by the legendary Lance Storm. For the better part of a decade, she built a name and a reputation in Mexico, primarily as part of AAA.

For many fans, the point they really started to get to know her was during her long run with Impact Wrestling. Valkyrie became the longest-reigning Knockouts Champion of all time, holding the title for 377 days.

On top of that, Valkyrie also made history by facing Tessa Blanchard for the Impact World Championship. Blanchard was the first woman to ever hold the title and Valkryie was the only woman to ever challenge her for it.

In 2021, Valkyrie made her debut with NXT as Franky Monet through a series of vignettes. She quickly began inserting herself into business concerning the Robert Stone Brand, building up to the point where both Jesse Kamea and Robert Stone now seem to be following her

The Franky Monet Brand

With Aliyah seemingly gone from the RSB, it remains to be seen if Monet will try to woo her back. Like Kamea, Aliyah has all of the potential in the world. Being associated with a force of nature like Franky Monet will be a way to get her to the next level.

The first step will be ridding the Robert Stone Brand of Robert Stone. Monet isn’t someone who should be associated with failure and his NXT gimmick reeks of it. This needs to be the Franky Monet Brand, though NXT should probably come up with a better name for the faction than that.

If anything, this faction needs to be all women. And if Aliyah is officially no longer involved, there are plenty of talented female wrestlers on the roster who would fit. Honestly, the tag team of Kayden Carter and Kacy Catanzaro are in need of direction. Working with Monet could provide it.

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Franky Monet heading up her own faction feeds into the legitimate superstar vibe she naturally gives off. The Robert Stone Brand is all but dead at this point. Putting a group of talented women with Monet will only elevate all of them.