WWE NXT: Raquel Gonzalez defeated Xia Li in the main event

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There was a lot to talk about on this edition of WWE NXT. Karrion Kross left Samoa Joe in a heap last week, then did not have the greatest of debuts on Monday Night Raw yesterday evening. That, along with much more were the foci of WWE NXT on Tuesday night.

The first match of the night was tag team action. NXT Cruiserweight champion, Kushida, teamed with Bobby Fish to take on Diamond Mine members, Tyler Rust and Roderick Strong.

Fish and Kushida jumped them right on the ramp before the match even started. Fish and Rust ended up in the ring together, trading strikes until Fish a senton for a quick one-count. Kushida and Strong ended up in the ring together with Strong getting the better of positioning after a suplex. He would then hit a backbreaker and go into the ankle lock. Kushida was isolated on the wrong side of the ring as both Strong and Rust made frequent tags to keep the fresh man in the ring.

Kushida keeps fighting out of the corner but was unable to get back to his corner to make the tag. He even ends up fighting both opponents, hitting them with a double springboard elbow, allowing him to get over to Fish. Fish was able to isolate Rust in the ring but was unable to secure the pinfall. That was until Strong made the save for Rust from the apron.

Strong and Rust were able to isolate Fish this time, taking turns on him. Fish was able to fight back, ending up trading strikes with Rust in the middle of the ring. Fish was still at the disadvantage, being grounded once again, but when Strong came back in, he hit a spinebuster, allowing him to get over to Kushida to make the tag.

Rust and Kushida ended up in the ring together, going back and forth with offense. Rust nearly had Kushida pinned after a shot to the head, but Fish made the save. He would take out Strong, falling outside the ring, allowing Kushida to take down Rust and pick up the victory via pinfall.

Bobby Fish and Kushida defeat Diamond Mine via pinfall.

Franky Monet was out for a singles match against Jacy Jane.

Jane had her moments during this match, but she did not have much to offer Monet at the end. She scored two close two-counts on Monet but made the mistake of missing a corner cannonball. Monet took advantage of that moment, hitting double knees in the corner, followed up by a series of kicks. She mounted Jane and landed more strikes.

Mandy Rose came out to scout the match and Monet continued rolling. After dominating, Monet would hit the Road to Valhalla and pick up the pinfall.

Franky Monet defeated Jacy Jane via pinfall.

Kyle O’Reilly and Austin Theory were set for singles action after Theory’s mouth got him into trouble with the former Undisputed Era member.

The two men went right to the grappling early with the stronger Theory getting the advantage throwing O’Reilly to the mat. He attempted to do it again but O’Reilly countered into a kimura only to eat a snap suplex for his trouble. Theory’s power helped him avoid much of the grappling game that O’Reilly employs for much of the early portions of the match.

Things changed when they ended up outside the ring. O’Reilly was in control until they got back into the ring where Theory took over. O’Reilly would fire back with strikes until he ate a stiff elbow into the blockbuster. Theory made the pin attempt but O’Reilly kicked out at two. Theory went to the mount and rained down shots, but he could not keep O’Reilly off his feet. Theory went for the rolling dropkick into the ring but O’Reilly countered, catching the foot into an inside heel-hook. Theory rolled over and grabbed the bottom rope. That allowed Theory to get back the advantage, hitting a rolling fisherman’s suplex for another two-count.

O’Reilly started to land some combination offense, finally knocking Theory off his feet. He topped it off with a stiff elbow into an arm breaker out of the corner. He transitioned into a double-underhook suplex into an armbar but Theory fought out. O’Reilly rolled into an ankle lock but Theory reached the rope. O’Reilly started to attack Theory’s arm and countered out of a powerbomb with an elbow. Theory got O’Reilly up for the variation of the Blue Thunder bomb but no pinfall.

They ended up back outside the ring where O’Reilly unloaded with strikes. Back in the ring he ended up in knee-on-belly and other positions, raining blows. Theory was face down on the mat and O’Reilly came down with a knee drop on his ankle. O’Reilly locked in the straight ankle lock to get the win.

Kyle O’Reilly defeated Austin Theory by submission.

The NXT Breakout Tournament was up next. Andre Chase was out to compete against Odyssey Jones.

Jones’s power was on display early and often in this match. Chase attempted to go to Jones’s knees and that helped in nearly getting him off his feet. That was until Jones launched him from the ring with a clothesline. Chase landed an over-the-top rope plancha, but Jones dropped him across the announce table. Chase was able to ram Jones into the ring and structure posts, but Jones still kicked out.

Chase was firing off a bunch of offense, landing a moonsault but Jones kicked out at two again. Jones planted Chase with a variation of a sidewalk slam, picking up the victory to advance in the NXT Breakout Tournament.

Odyssey Jones defeated Adam Chase via pinfall.

LA Knight was up next with Camron Grimes in tow. Drake Maverick was his opponent.

Maverick got the jump on Knight, going after his knees. That was until Knight landed some punches and a high back suplex. Knight was paying too much attention to Grimes, which allowed Maverick to hit some counter offense into a high cross body off the top. Knight countered Maverick off the ropes, tossing him with a fall away slam.

Maverick drop-kicked Knight from behind, causing him to hit his head on the Million Dollar Title. He immediately rolled Knight up and pick up the pinfall win.

Drake Maverick defeated LA Knight via pinfall.

The main event of the evening was Xia Li challenging Raquel Gonzalez for the NXT women’s title.

Gonzalez immediately went to the power game which Li could not match. Li was fighting on the back foot but was able to use her speed and strikes to some success at first. That was until Gonzalez landed a big boot to the face. Gonzalez missed another big boot outside the ring and Li used that opportunity to wrap Gonzalez’s knee around the ring post.

Back in the ring, Li was in control as she continued to attack the champion’s legs. Li was rolling until she made the mistake of leaping into Gonzalez’s arms. She would hit a fallaway slam, followed by shoulder blocks into a big dropkick. Gonzalez went for her powerbomb but Li countered into a series of close pinfalls.

Gonzalez was back on her feet, hitting a spinebuster into a twisting senton in the corner. Li kicked out of the pinfall attempt. Li was seriously injured in the sequence, causing medical staff to check on her. Li finally got back to her feet to eat the powerbomb and get pinned.

Raquel Gonzalez defeated Xia Li via pinfall.